BMW X6 : Sport automatic transmission

Sport automatic transmission.

The most comfortable way to save: the sport automatic transmission not only ensures extra-smooth gear changes and reduces background noise at high speeds, but also significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Only the rev counter will reveal how fast and seamlessly the optional sport automatic transmission changes gear. The individual gears are finely graduated so that the change from third to fourth gear, for example, involves a smaller rev interval for the engine and the transmission process itself takes place almost imperceptibly. At the same time, the engine is always held at the performance level at which it can optimally use its strength and efficiency.

The eighth gear reduces the number of revolutions at high speeds, thus lowering fuel consumption and engine noise. The system is supported by the newly developed and more efficient torque converter – even when you switch to manual gear change.


Fuel consumption

BMW X6 xDrive35i BMW X6 xDrive50i
BMW X6 xDrive35i BMW X6 xDrive50i
BMW X6 xDrive50i BMW X6 xDrive35i

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