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Nobody knows better than your BMW if maintenance is required. With TeleService*, your vehicle does all the work. TeleService uses your vehicle’s on-board maintenance monitoring system (known as Conditioned Based Service) to discretely communicate to your retailer when maintenance is needed or issues arise with your vehicle. Your home or selling retailer will receive a vehicle diagnosis message and will contact you to arrange a service appointment at your convenience. BMW TeleService also offers you the option to activate the system and prompt your retailer to call you to book a vehicle Spa or other regular maintenance appointments. Wherever you’re travelling, TeleService is always by your side, leaving your mind free to concentrate on the essentials: The Ultimate Driving Experience.

Tired of having to think of everything?
Let your BMW help out.

What is an Automatic TeleService Call?

Business trips, birthdays, dinner appointments – you have enough events to remember, which is why it's great that your vehicle knows when its next maintenance appointment is due.
Your BMW automatically transmits service-relevant data to your BMW Service Retailer prior to your forthcoming maintenance appointment, e.g. for an oil change. Your Service Retailer is then able to call you to arrange an appointment. Fixed maintenance appointments become a thing of the past and your BMW will not have to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in the workshop.

You need a service appointment.
Your BMW called us.

How does an Automatic TeleService Call work?

Condition Based Service (CBS) sensors identify that a service is needed either for a vehicle fluid change (e.g. engine oil) or a wear-and-tear part replacement (e.g. brake pad). The vehicle then uses an Automatic TeleService Call to transmit service-relevant data to your BMW Service Retailer and a specialist will call you to make an appointment. Due to the accuracy of the data transmitted, the service team can obtain all of the necessary components for your vehicle in advance, which significantly reduces the duration of your appointment.

Do you think your BMW is due for a service appointment?
Your BMW knows.

Overview of the benefits.

• You'll never forget another service appointment. The in-car system will work with your BMW Service Retailer to remind you in advance.
• Your vehicle only receives the maintenance work it actually needs.
• A maintenance appointment isn't scheduled until your vehicle actually needs one based on individual driving habits.
• Your BMW Service Retailer can prepare for your appointment in advance and order any necessary parts. Your appointment is conducted faster and more efficiently.

Manual TeleService Call.

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When do you think about your BMW?
When you're in it.

What is a Manual TeleService Call?

A Manual TeleService Call allows your vehicle to send a message directly to your BMW Service Retailer at any time requesting a return phone call to book a service appointment. Whether you have a chip in your windshield or would like to have winter tires fitted, all you have to do is push a button. When you send the message, all of your relevant service data is transferred to your BMW Service Retailer so they are well prepared when they call you. For example, if an oil change is coming up, they can suggest combining the two appointments.

How do you arrange a service appointment?

How does a Manual TeleService Call work?

You can make a Manual TeleService Call at any time from your BMW using the iDrive operating system. A message is sent to your BMW Service Retailer informing them you'd like them to contact you. After your vehicle's data has been transferred and assessed, a service specialist will call you to arrange a service appointment. As they already have access to your vehicle's important data, they are able to provide you with detailed and individual advice so that all of your service needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Want to contact us?
Simply push a button.

Overview of the benefits.

• Arrange service appointments when you're most likely to think about them - in your BMW.
• Contact your BMW Service Retailer at any time using the iDrive operating system.
• Service-relevant data is transferred to the Service Retailer long before your vehicle arrives.
• Your BMW Service Centre is completely prepared for your arrival. Any necessary accessories and parts are already ordered in advance and are available for your appointment.

Do you have any questions about TeleService?

How much does it cost?

TeleService is free in combination with a valid BMW Assist contract. In this instance, the service can be used via the vehicle's built-in SIM card anywhere in North America.

For which BMW vehicles is TeleService available?

Z4 Start of Production 02/2009 require options BMW Assist (SA639) and Navigation (SA609)
1, 3, 5, 6 Series Start of Production 03/2009 require options BMW Assist (SA639) and Navigation (SA609)
7 Series Start of Production 03/2009 require options BMW Assist (SA639) and Navigation (SA609)
X5, X6 Start of Production 04/2009 require options BMW Assist (SA639) and Navigation (SA609)
All Models Start of Production 09/2010 comes standard

Which BMW retailer will my TeleService calls be routed to?

Both Manual and Automatic TeleService calls will be routed to the retailer from whom you purchased your vehicle.

Can I change the BMW Retailer my TeleService calls will be routed to?

Yes. There are two methods of doing so.

1-If you know at the time of delivery that your service retailer will be different than your selling retailer, you can note your preferred servicing retailer on the BMW Assist subscriber agreement. Our system will then note the change and ensure that your TeleService calls are routed accordingly.

2- Should you wish to route your TeleService calls to another BMW Retailer at a later time (i.e. as a result of a relocation), you can request a change by completing a simple form at your new service retailer.

Do I need to complete a BMW Assist subscriber agreement to use BMW TeleService?

Yes, In order for BMW Canada to properly set up your account information, and route your TeleService calls a BMW Assist subscriber agreement must be completed and submitted to BMW Canada by your retailer. If this is not done, all of your BMW Assist services (including TeleService) will not function.