BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems in the BMW 3 Series Touring.

Numerous innovative technologies support you in various ways and guarantee the highest level of comfort and safety. So you can focus on one of the important things in life – carefree driving pleasure.

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The feature Driving Assistant combines the camera-based systems Lane Departure Warning and Approach and Pedestrian Warning with the City Brake Activation. The Lane Departure Warning detects lane markings and alerts the driver to an unintentional lane change at speeds above approx. 70 km/h by means of vibrations in the steering wheel and a visual warning in the instrument cluster. The warning is not activated when the lane change is deliberate, i.e. when the indicator is turned on. While the Approach Warning with City Brake Activation detects vehicles, the Pedestrian Warning with City Brake Activation reacts to pedestrians. When there is a risk of collision, the Approach Warning triggers a two-stage warning – a symbol in the instrument cluster lights up, followed by an acoustic alarm. The Pedestrian Warning triggers a single-stage warning in the event of an acute risk of collision. If the system warns of a potential collision, the brakes are simultaneously preconditioned for a faster response. In the event of an emergency, the system applies the brakes.


A clear view in unclear situations with innovations from BMW ConnectedDrive: up to five cameras give the BMW 3 Series Touring a new view of any situation. The Rear View camera also provides welcome support when parking. Interactive lane lines in the image inform the driver whether or not the parking space is large enough. The zoom function allows you to adjust the image so that you can attach a trailer to the tow bar without the need for further assistance. The Surround View special equipment includes additional cameras. Two side view cameras in the front bumper are aligned to the left and right. Both images are shown simultaneously on the Control Display so that no road user goes unnoticed even at exits with poor visibility. Top View cameras in the exterior mirrors produce data which, together with those from the Rear View Camera, are converted into one image by the electronics system that shows the new BMW 3 Series and its surroundings from a bird’s-eye view of 270 degrees. Whether you are entering or leaving a parking space, carrying out every manoeuvre is simple and safe.


The Park Assistant makes parallel parking easier. When the system is activated and the car is driving slowly (below 35 km/h), it will measure any parking gaps the car passes. When a large enough gap has been found, the driver simply switches on the turn indicator and the Park Assistant will do the steering, while the driver continues to operate the accelerator, gears and brakes. The system also emits acoustic signals and gives instructions in the Control Display. So the driver can stay relaxed and enjoy greater safety while parking.


Driving on busy highways and freeways is more relaxing with Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function. It not only maintains the desired distance between any vehicles in the lane ahead but also regulates the speed in heavy traffic. Radar sensors at the front of the vehicle permanently scan the road ahead. If your new BMW 3 Series Touring approaches a slower-moving vehicle, the engine control unit and braking system adjust your own speed and ensure that you automatically maintain your distance. If required, such as in congested traffic, the brake is applied to bring the vehicle to a standstill and, depending on the duration of the stop, your BMW will automatically accelerate again. The driver only has to intervene if the vehicle ahead slows down very suddenly. In this case, the Collision Warning with Brake Activation issues optical and acoustic signals prompting the driver to actively apply the brake. If the driver still fails to react, the BMW 3 Series Touring does so, triggering the braking manoeuvre with a deceleration of up to 3m/s². Consequently, BMW ConnectedDrive does not interfere with your driving style until the very last moment – when it’s necessary to prevent an accident. When the lane ahead becomes clear or the vehicle in front speeds up, Active Cruise Control accelerates again until you reach your desired speed. A brief touch on the brake at any time is enough to deactivate the system and allow you to take full control of the vehicle again.


You are driving at 100 km/h on the motorway and glance at the speedo. Just one brief moment – yet you’ve just missed 28 metres of your route. That’s 28 metres in which a lot can happen. Unless, that is, you could pay attention to everything at the same time: such as with the BMW Head-Up Display.The BMW Head-Up Display from BMW Connect Drive projects your current speed into your field of vision on the windscreen. This allows you to maintain full concentration and keep everything in view: what’s happening on the road, the current speed as well as all the information relevant to your journey, such as navigation and control displays.The BMW Head-Up Display from BMW ConnectedDrive is capable of even more: if required, it can show the current speed limit or information on overtaking restrictions. Current alerts from the BMW Night Vision infrared camera are available via BMW Head-Up Display, as are direction indicators or Check Control data. All the information individually selected by the driver with the BMW Head-Up Display activated appears there exclusively and no longer on the instrument panel. All in full colour and in brilliant resolution.

  • Speed limit info

    Stay on the safe side – Speed Limit Info display keeps you informed of the maximum permissible speed. A special camera monitors relevant traffic signs. Via a control device, this information is processed together with data from the navigation system. As other components in the vehicle, such as the rain sensor, can also be used, the system can also inform you of variable speed limits – for example, in wet weather or temporary restrictions – in line with your current driving situation.