The driving dynamics of the BMW 3 Series Touring.

Dynamics with many facets: Give your BMW 3 Series Touring even more agility with additional equipment such as the optional Adaptive M suspension, the Sport Mode or variable sports steering. You can look forward to an even sportier driving style and top handling characteristics and precision.

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The optional Adaptive M suspension provides further reinforcement for the dynamic driving characteristics of the BMW 3 Series Touring and exploits their visual effect to the full, without comprising in any way on comfort. In the optional Adaptive M suspension, a lowering of the chassis by ten millimetres and electronically controlled dampers result in increased agility. During the journey, sensors continuously measure data and control the shock absorber valves in the Adaptive M suspension according to the driving situation and road profile. This takes place for each wheel individually so that optimum road holding is guaranteed at all times. An electronic control unit processes information on wheel, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, on vehicle speed as well as on steering wheel position in order to adapt the damper parameters to the road profile and driving situation. In addition to this, the driver can individually alter the setting of the suspension to increase comfort or sporting character via the Driving Experience Control.


A question of the setting. With the Driving Experience Control set to Sport Mode, the engine and driving dynamics of your BMW 3 Series Touring react even more directly, allowing you an enhanced sports driving style. Sport Mode is activated using the Driving Experience Control fitted as standard in the central console. Through a predefined setup and according to the equipment selected, it results in a considerably more dynamic adjustment of the drive and suspension – compared with the standard settings. The engine responds more spontaneously. In combination with the Steptronic transmission, shift points have considerably more sporting character. Combined with the Adaptive M suspension, the suspension has a far more athletic setting. If variable sports steering is chosen, the assistance from power steering is reduced, which ensures a more direct feeling of steering control. 



Handling and agility.

Supreme driving comfort while maintaining maximum handling, agility and accuracy. These requirements may seem to be almost mutually exclusive. And yet the chassis of the BMW 3 Series Touring resolves the contradiction with ease. A substantial contribution to this comes from the sophisticated chassis technology with double-joint tension-strut front axle and five-arm rear axle, which provide perfect support for the successful concept with longitudinally mounted engine, rear-wheel drive, balanced axle load distribution and body with high torsional strength. BMW particularly relies on lightweight chassis components, sophisticated and perfectly tuned axle kinematics together with a precise steering system, which – thanks to the rear-wheel drive – remains unaffected by drive factors. State-of-the-art control systems support the dynamic driving potential of the BMW 3 Series Touring.

Perfect axle load.

With a wheelbase of 2,810 millimetres, a track width of 1,543 millimetres at the front and 1,583 millimetres at the rear, the BMW 3 Series Touring has grown in terms of its dimensions. Combining the weight-optimized drive train and the lightweight construction concept of the body results in a perfect 50:50 axle load distribution. This ensures maximum driving dynamics and stability.

Variable sports steering.

Variable sports steering.

Maximum comfort.

Sports driving dynamics meet maximum comfort: The variable sports steering adapts the angle of the front wheels to the actual conditions so that the BMW 3 Series Touring reacts more or less directly to the driver’s optional steering commands.

Reduced steering wheel movements.

The steering wheel movements required for large wheel angles have been reduced by up to 25 per cent. Parking and cornering thus become easier and more comfortable because the driver has to exert less effort. Handling qualities also benefit, such as when rapid evasive manoeuvres are required. In the case of smaller steering angles between 0 and 100 degrees, the BMW 3 Series Touring displays accurate tracking and high stability on straight stretches while conducting steering movements with impressive precision. The steering ratio in each case is determined purely mechanically by a variable transmission for the steering rack.

BMW xDrive.

BMW xDrive.

BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system.

The BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system enhances traction, directional stability and safety. And particularly so when adverse conditions call for more power to be applied to the road. The BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system detects the first signs of any oversteering or understeering. Within a tenth of a second it distributes up to 100% of the engine power to the front or rear axle via the transmission and an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch before returning to the normal 40:60 distribution ratio. With the BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system each axle uses its traction to the maximum. Whether in tight bends, during hill starts, on slippery surfaces with rain or leaves as well as on snow-covered carriageways, the optimum amount of power reaches the road. Your BMW provides stable acceleration in every situation – even out of bends. With BMW xDrive your vehicle exploits the benefits of rear-wheel drive to the full: precise handling, optimum cornering and a clear separation between the engine and steering.