Comfort in the BMW 7 Series.

The BMW 7 Series clearly takes the strain off the driver and provides more comfort for everyone. Perfect coordination of bodyshell, chassis and interior guarantee an incomparable, highly relaxed level of driving pleasure, particularly in the rear. BMW ConnectedDrive innovations offer the best possible overview, reliable orientation with enhanced vision and intelligent solutions for communication, work and everyday use.


Individuality in view: the multifunctional instrument display in the BMW 7 Series stages the different driving experience modes with customised instrument displays – and thus creates worlds of colour and mood for more safety, efficiency and exemplary driver orientation. If required, the multifunctional instrument display with high-resolution Black Panel technology offers a unique visual presentation of the driving experience. For the first time the driver is not only able to change the suspension setting but also choose between colour and graphically adapted visual modes in the instrument display. Comfort Mode as the standard view, ECO PRO Mode* with the emphasis on an economical driving style and Sport Mode with the focus on performance and rev counter gauges. Navigation instructions and information from the driver assistance systems can now be registered even more easily at a glance. With these features, the new digital presentation distinctly increases the comfort, experience and safety of driving. The multifunctional instrument display is an innovation from BMW ConnectedDrive.


* The ECO PRO Mode is not available in the BMW 760i/Li.


Strength comes from the calm within. This is why travelling in one of the most dynamic luxury-class limousines is an extremely relaxing pleasure. Intelligent BMW ConnectedDrive innovations ensure that you never lose your calm even when times become hectic or situations unclear. As soon as you leisurely take a comfortable seat in the BMW 7 Series and close the door behind you, an oasis of calm envelops you. All the frantic activity of city life and traffic noise stay outside – on the inside only the passengers and their comfort count. Soothing relaxation awaits the strained muscles of rear passengers in the optional comfort seats with massage function. Twelve air chambers massage the back muscles with wave-like motions from top to bottom, while six further chambers rotate from the shoulders to the lumbar vertebrae. During the journey, the standard-feature air suspension for the rear axle and the COMFORT+ driving mode geared towards the ultimate in well-being, confidently minimize any disruptive physical influences. Especially when seated in the rear cabin, you can take a very relaxed attitude towards poor road surfaces and dynamic cornering.
If space is the measure of all things, the long version continues to provide the ultimate comfort in terms of legroom.


You are standing behind your BMW 7 Series Sedan with your briefcase and want to load the trunk. All that’s required from you to open the trunk is a small gesture – a deliberate movement of your foot. This is simply an innovative function with the optional Comfort Access. A brief movement of your foot below the rear bumper is all it takes for a sensor to trigger the opening of the tailgate, which unlocks and then swings open automatically. Sensors are installed at different heights in the rear bumper panel to detect people. They register the movement of the foot between your shin and the tips of your toes and sends a signal to the on-board computer. This innovative equipment from BMW ConnectedDrive significantly increases convenience when you are loading luggage or working at the rear of the vehicle. To rule out any abuse, the vehicle only opens to a person carrying a key that the system identifies via radio signals.