The performance of the new BMW 7 Series is unique. Its efficiency too.

Having more to give than others while taking significantly less deserves respect. The new BMW 7 Series combines intelligent BMW EfficientDynamics technologies with BMW ConnectedDrive innovations for outstanding performance and ground-breaking efficiency. And thus delivers impressive proof that the most elegant way to enjoy luxurious comfort today is with great respect for the environment.


The BMW 7 Series Sedan masterfully extends its lead with more performance and less fuel consumption. The success strategy encompasses highly efficient TwinPower Turbo engines, state-of-the-art hybrid technologies – and the systematic interlinking of BMW EfficientDynamics and BMW ConnectedDrive.

  • ECO PRO Mode

    As a standard feature, the BMW EfficientDynamics technology package optimizes performance, fuel consumption and emission values of every BMW. Now it also activates an additional great potential for savings – in the driver’s consciousness. Depending on individual driving style, ECO PRO Mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent. Making an additional 5 per cent savings potential possible are the functions of coasting, Route-ahead assistant and ECO PRO Route.


Less consumption and fewer emissions at the touch of a button. Depending on individual driving style, the ECO PRO Mode (not in the BMW 760Li) reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent. Making an additional 5 per cent savings potential possible are the functions of coasting, Route-ahead assistant and ECO PRO route.*

*Determined as part of an internal BMW consumption study.

  • ECO PRO tips

    When the ECO PRO Mode is activated via the Driving Experience Control, the accelerator pedal and transmission parameters together with the heating/climate control strategy are all intelligently adapted. ECO PRO tips help you to optimise your own driving behaviour and the Bonus range informs you of how many additional kilometres you have gained through driving with optimised consumption in ECO PRO Mode.

  • Route-ahead assistant, coasting and ECO PRO route

    The optional Navigation system Professional in the latest generation extends the ECO PRO Mode with additional functions. The Route-ahead assistant anticipates local conditions and gives corresponding advice long before the driver becomes aware of the situation. If a built-up area or a speed limit starts around the next corner, the system recommends that drivers reduce speed before the bend by taking their foot off the accelerator pedal. When the instructions are heeded, the vehicle uses its own kinetic energy and coasts along the road with minimum fuel consumption. Depending on traffic density, individual driving style and local conditions, the ECO PRO Route offers the driver directions optimized for efficiency – involving only a minimum of additional time. Drivers can decide for themselves whether to take this recommendation using the displayed fuel consumption benefit.


Electromechanical power steering provides maximum manoeuvring comfort with reduced fuel consumption, because, as part of the BMW EfficientDynamics strategy, it only requires energy when it is really used.

While conventional hydraulic systems constantly draw power from the engine - thereby consuming extra fuel - the electromechanical power steering only actually works when the steering wheel is moved. On long straight stretches or when the steering angle is constant, the electric motor is not active and therefore cannot use any energy. Active roll damping additionally enhances driving safety in the higher speed range. The Driving Experience Control provides a choice between the steering settings of “Normal” and “Sporty”. Servotronic, the speed-dependent steering support, is also contained in this innovative standard feature.


Convenient energy management: if no power is required, such as in a traffic jam or at a red light, the Auto Start Stop function automatically switches off the engine. As soon as the driver’s foot leaves the brake pedal, the engine starts up reliably and the full, unrestricted power of the engine is available. Red lights, traffic jams, level crossings – in everyday driving situations there are countless instances where the engine is idling, unnecessarily burning fuel. The Auto Start Stop function prevents this. It switches off the engine when the vehicle is stationary and the driver operates the brake. Of course this only happens when energy is not needed anywhere else – such as for the air-conditioning system and rear windscreen heating. And if your own safety or comfort is not impaired in any way. When the journey continues, the engine starts up again as soon as you take your foot from the brake. A comfortable way of saving fuel and protecting the environment.
The Auto Start Stop function is not available for the BMW 760Li.


Optimized aerodynamics and shortened cold-run phases: the air vents between the double-kidney grille and the radiator lower fuel consumption and emission levels from the moment you start driving. Provided the engine operating temperature permits, the air vents remain closed and guide the air flow around the radiator to improve aerodynamics. When more cooling is needed, the engine management system opens the vents. One positive side effect of the closed air vents is that, after a cold start, engine oil and catalytic converters reach their operating temperature faster and the fuel-air mix burns more efficiently. This preserves the engine and significantly reduces emissions.