Connectivity in the BMW i8.

With the innovative BMW i ConnectedDrive solutions, the BMW i8 boasts a high degree of connectivity – for an intelligent and sustainable form of mobility like never before. The BMW i ConnectedDrive Services for navigation always select the most efficient route to your destination. Acting as an extended arm of the BMW i8 on smartphones is the BMW i Remote App for iOS and Android. Thanks to BMW Teleservices, your BMW i Retailer is informed when servicing is required.


The BMW i Remote App shows you current information about; the vehicle status of your BMW i8, the charging status of the high-voltage battery, as well as the efficiency and mobility. All directly on your smartphone.

  • Vehicle status

    Using the BMW i Remote App, you can perform various functions such as locking and unlocking your vehicle from a distance. The app even allows you to activate the air conditioning before setting off on a trip. After the vehicle has been connected to a power supply, the programmable air-conditioning and charging timer ensures that your BMW i8 can, for example, be conditioned to the set temperature and be fully charged, ready to start your journey at a certain time every day from Monday to Friday. You can also conveniently monitor the charging operation in real time via your smartphone.

    In addition, the electrical driving range and the battery charging status can be viewed at any time via the BMW i Remote App.

  • Mobility

    Using the BMW i Remote App, you can send any addresses that you have saved on your mobile device directly to the navigation system of the BMW i8.

Dash board navigation


The BMW i8 navigation system, including BMW i ConnectedDrive Services for navigation, has been specially developed to make driving as easy and comfortable as possible. In addition, the navigation system supplies you with dynamic information relating to whether local charging stations are vacant or occupied and whether they are part of the ChargeNow network.


Not only are there ConnectedDrive Services specifically developed for the requirements of BMW i, but there are also a variety of other features from BMW ConnectedDrive available in the BMW i8 – ranging from BMW Apps and Advanced Real Time Traffic Information, to personalized support from the Concierge Service and the internet-based services of BMW Online.


With a comprehensive package of customer services, the BMW i8 communicates directly with the BMW i Retailer. It indicates any necessary services or maintenance and transmits the relevant data for these appointments directly. Drivers are notified automatically as soon as a Service appointment is due and can also contact their BMW i Retailer personally at any time and transfer the vehicle data manually. Any queries arising can thus be clarified faster by telephone or directly with the BMW i Retailer.

  • Battery Guard

    As an owner of a BMW i8, you receive support from the Battery Guard in monitoring the high-voltage battery. You are notified immediately if, for example, there should be any deviation from the scheduled charging operation or if the vehicle lights have been left on too long. This is able to prevent excessive discharge. Nevertheless, if such a situation should occur, the Battery Guard automatically informs your BMW i Retailer.