Safety in the BMW i8.

A safety concept has been developed for the BMW i8 which is perfectly tailored to the vehicle. The high-strength carbon fibre passenger cell not only protects passengers, but also safeguards the high-voltage battery, located between the two parts of the Drive module, against external influences. Innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems help the driver to remain aware of what’s going on around them and to react correctly in any given situation. And if problems arise, a wide range of interconnected services ensure that you remain mobile at all times.


When fitted with the Driving Assistant option, the BMW i8 has a large number of camera-based support systems.

If a person or an obstacle is detected, the City Collision Warning with braking feature for pedestrians decelerates the vehicle in a speed range of approx. 10 km/h to 60 km/h. The collision warning provides additional protection against a rear-end collision with the vehicle ahead at higher speeds. If it is no longer possible to avoid an accident, the braking functions help to reduce the impact speed.

The camera systems of Surround View and Side View with object detection offer maximum comfort and facilitate parking. Additional functions such as the High Beam Assistant and Speed Limit Info ensure greater safety and comfort during your journey.


The optional full-colour BMW Head-Up Display transfers information relevant for driving directly into your field of vision and increases concentration at the wheel.

Depending on your vehicle equipment, this information may also feature details such as Speed Limit Info. What’s more you can also use it to show infotainment details such as information on radio stations and music tracks as well as telephone directory entries and call lists.

The symbols projected onto the windshield appear in full colour with brilliant resolution so that traffic symbols are depicted realistically. The displays appear in a position that is especially ergonomically favourable on the windshield, which you can adapt individually.

Projection intensity adapts automatically to the external lighting conditions and there are also different day and night displays.



Long battery life-expectancy.

The lithium-ion high-voltage battery joins the two sections of the Drive module and is ideally protected against outside influences. A specially developed heating and air conditioning system ensures as few temperature fluctuations as possible, which significantly increases the service life of the battery.

Battery Guard.

The Battery Guard supports you by monitoring the high-voltage battery of the vehicle and notifying you if a deviation from the planned charging procedure occurs or, for example, if the vehicle lights have been left on for too long. This means that an unwanted excessive discharge can be avoided. In the event of an accident, the high-voltage battery is automatically disconnected ensuring no further unwanted energy can flow into the vehicle.

The high-voltage battery of the BMW i8 carries a warranty for a period of 8 years or a distance of 160,000 km, whichever comes sooner.


BMW i Assistance Services provide a wide range of features that have been specifically developed for BMW i, allowing you to relax and enjoy each journey in your BMW i8 even before you set off. BMW i ConnectedDrive Services not only support you in monitoring the battery charging level and charging processes via your smartphone, but are also used in the BMW i ConnectedDrive Services for navigation, when range and external factors, such as traffic jams on the current route, have to be continuously monitored and considered.

Thanks to the comprehensive services in the BMW Teleservices package, you are notified immediately if a service appointment is necessary. To avoid having to think about the possible costs in such a case, you can opt for a maintenance and repair package. And the mobility assistant ensures that you always remain mobile even in the event of service, repair work or a breakdown.

  • Charging assistant

    BMW i ConnectedDrive displays the current battery charge level and the remaining charging time until full charge via the BMW i Remote App and also in the BMW i8 itself. Not only charging times, but also the starting time for the air conditioning can be configured, so that the BMW i8 has an optimum interior temperature before the journey starts. If any problems occur during charging, the driver will automatically receive a message via the BMW i App.

  • BMW Teleservices

    BMW Teleservices is a comprehensive package of customer services with which the BMW i8 is able to communicate with the BMW i Retailer directly, informing them of upcoming maintenance or necessary services and transferring the relevant data directly. The driver is automatically notified when a service appointment is due and is also able to contact the BMW i Retailer at any time and manually transfer the vehicle data. This allows any problems that may occur to be solved faster either directly by a phone call or at the premises of the BMW i Retailer.

  • Mobility Assistance

    BMW i offers various mobility solutions on request to minimize the inconvenience to you and keep you mobile while your BMW i8 is being serviced. This includes service and maintenance appointments as well as vehicle repairs. Replacement vehicles or transport will be provided on request, e.g. loaner cars, or shuttle services.


With a BMW i Service package, you prolong your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance services beyond the complimentary 4-year/80,000 km period, ensuring that your BMW i3 is maintained to the highest standards into later years of ownership. You can even add coverage for common wear-and-tear parts, like brakes, giving you peace-of-mind for all the essential services your BMW might need, whenever it requires them. BMW i Service Inclusive takes the hassle out of vehicle maintenance, guaranteeing BMW expertise and original parts. Plans cover a period of several years and kilometres and offer a significant price benefit compared to having service done out of pocket each visit.

Your advantages:

• Fully transferrable to subsequent owners
• Protection against price increases
• Simple and hassle-free service work with no invoices
• Original BMW i parts with the expertise of BMW i technicians