Curb weight
Max. permissible weight in kg
Permitted load in kg
Permitted axle load front/rear in kg
896 / 996
Range and charge time
100% electric range, in km
Capacity of lithium-ion battery, in kWh
Usable capacity
BMW i charging station. AC fast charging - 16Amp 3.7kW
2 hours
Hybrid mode: power in hp
Hybrid mode: max torque in lb-ft
Acceleration 0–100 km/h in s
Fuel consumption
Hybrid mode, in Le/100km
Tire dimensions front
215/45 R20
Tire dimensions rear
245/40 R20
Wheel dimensions and material front
20 x 7.5
Wheel dimensions and material rear
20 x 8.5

Information about the data

  • The figures for fuel consumption apply in connection with the wheel and tire size selected. When two values are shown, values outside brackets refer to manual transmission, values in brackets to automatic transmission. Fuel consumption is derived in accordance with relevant Canadian Federal Test Procedures.

    The consumption figure in hybrid mode (BMW i8 only) is based on an 80/20 gas to electric split.

    These specifications apply to vehicles in the Canadian market. The models illustrated may, in part, include optional equipment and accessories not fitted as standard. According to the specific requirements of other markets, alterations may occur regarding models, standard and optional equipment as described in the text and illustrations. For precise information, please contact your BMW Partner. Subject to change in design and equipment. Subject to error. Equipment specific to national markets is not represented here.

    Curb weight in kg: the figure quoted includes a 90 per cent tank filling, 68 kg for the driver and 7 kg for luggage. Curb weight applies to vehicles with standard equipment. Optional equipment may increase this figure.

    BMW recommends the use of super unleaded 95 RON fuel. Unleaded RON 91 fuel or higher with a maximum ethanol limit of 10 percent (E10) is also permitted.

    The figures are not based on an individual vehicle and do not constitute part of the product offer; they are provided solely for the purposes of comparison between different vehicle types.