BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems in the BMW X1.

Numerous innovative technologies support you in various ways and guarantee the highest level of comfort and safety. So you can focus on one of the important things in life – carefree driving pleasure.


Reach your destination more quickly and more comfortably with the Navigation system Professional. The large, high-resolution display provides detailed information and a more comprehensive overview. You can inform the system of your destination via Voice Control. The 3D map display allows you to see photo-realistic images of locations to provide orientation points on your journey. Any congestion problems are clearly marked in colour in the navigation system and an alternative route is suggested. High Guiding and Lane Guiding are functions designed to make navigation in the city or on unclear road layouts a lot easier. The instrument combination shows the exact street layout and the appropriate lane. Destinations can be called up using the Voice Control function either from the address book or as a so-called Oneshot, i.e. by saying the place, street and number in one single sentence.


BMW ConnectedDrive innovations help you to retain a clear view in unclear situations: The optional Rear View camera in your BMW X1 reveals new perspectives and a whole new way of looking at things. Keep track of your surroundings during difficult manoeuvres: barely visible above the rear number plate, the optional Rear View camera shows a clear, equalized, 120-degree wide-angle image. Interactive guidelines indicate, for example, if a parking space is large enough for the vehicle. If the BMW has a tow bar, the image area is enlarged, allowing you to dock without the help of another person.


Right to continue, left for back and press to select: you've now learned how to operate the new iDrive, which gives you full control over all of functions of the BMW X1, from the navigation system to the integrated user guide. Direct select key enable you to access the most important functions, such as the navigation system, telephone and music system, at the push of a button. Eight favourite keys are also available for you to save settings such as radio stations, destinations and telephone numbers. The large control display boasts clear, sharp images and high-quality colours. And you can use the "Back" key at any time to retrace your steps.


More light means more safety: the High-Beam Assistant from BMW ConnectedDrive automatically switches between high and low beam when you’re driving your BMW at night, thus relieving stress on the driver. When the system is active, a camera installed on the inner side of the rear-view mirror monitors the traffic situation and the light and determines whether the high-beam can be switched on. When a vehicle is approaching or immediately in front or when there is sufficient light outside, the system automatically switches your headlights back to low-beam.