Safety & Comfort in the BMW X1.

Convenient assistance systems, extensive safety functions: your BMW protects and assists you wherever possible.


Your feet deserve a break. Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) in the BMW X1 provides you with relaxed driving pleasure, especially over longer distances. At 30 km/h or more, the driver can store and maintain the desired driving speed using the stalk next to the steering wheel without having to press any of the pedals. Active brake intervention makes even extreme delays possible by hand. Of course, Dynamic Cruise Control can be deactivated at any time using the accelerator or brake pedals. In that case, the memory function can restore the most recent driving speed at the push of a button.


The aim? To ensure all passengers and pedestrians receive maximum protection. The implementation? Safety first, beginning with fundamental constructions made from innovative steels. Multiphase and warm, restructured steels are intelligently combined to provide superior protection for passengers. Further, they deform in such a way as to absorb impact energy and divert it away from passengers and the other party involved in the collision. Latest-generation airbags offer further passenger protection.