BMW Personal CoPilot Driver Assistance systems in the BMW X6.

The perfect partner. The BMW X6 makes life a whole lot easier for you. With intelligent systems that provide all the support you need. For example, the fully automatic Park Assistant and Surround View, which help you to manoeuvre in tricky situations. For maximum comfort. For the utmost safety. And for your driving pleasure

The control display screens show the new user interface design.

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Driving Assistant Plus not only includes the Driving Assistant systems, Lane Departure Warning, and approach control warning with light city braking function, but also the Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function and traffic jam assistant.

Active Cruise Control maintains a speed determined by the driver, as well as the distance to the car ahead, at speeds of up to 210 km/h. The vehicle takes over accelerating and braking and keeps the predetermined distance to the car ahead even in slow-moving traffic and down to a stand-still in traffic jams. If a vehicle ahead brakes suddenly, the BMW responds immediately if the approach control warning is activated. The system operates in steps. A warning symbol is first displayed, then the symbol begins blinking and an acoustic warning is emitted, and finally the brakes are applied.

Traffic jam assistant eases the burden on the driver during monotonous driving situations. At speeds of up to 60 km/h, the system lets the car simply "glide along" with the other cars in dense traffic situations, making traffic jams less stressful. It automatically maintains the distance from the vehicle ahead and regulates the car's speed down to a standstill, as well as providing steering support.


The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects all information relevant to the journey directly into the driver's field of vision, thereby allowing them to fully concentrate on driving.  It displays information from the navigation system, notifications from the Speed Limit Info and Check Control messages. You can also have infotainment information displayed such as radio station, track titles, phone book entries and call lists.  The icons projected onto your windshield are displayed in a particularly high resolution and full colour, with traffic symbols reproduced realistically. The information is displayed on the windshield to ensure effective ergonomics and can be individually adapted (The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display is not fully visible if you are wearing polarized sunglasses).  The illumination intensity is automatically modified to suit the external light conditions and the system also features night-time and day-time modes. The brightness setting can be configured via the iDrive menu. You can also select which additional information you wish to have displayed in addition to your current speed and the warnings from the driver assistance systems.


The Park Assistant makes parallel parking easier. Parking spaces of the right size can be displayed and selected using the Control Display. When the button is kept pressed down, the system actively supports the driver during parking, taking care of gear selection, steering, accelerating and braking.  The Park Assistant makes it easier for you to find a suitable parking space and actively helps you park. Up to a speed of 35 km/h and a maximum lateral distance of 1.5 m from the line of parked cars, ultrasound sensors in your BMW show you each potential parallel parking space in the Control Display.  Simply choose the space you want, activate the turn indicator and keep the Park Assistant switch pressed down, and it will actively help you park. It selects forward or reverse gear, guides the steering and automatically accelerates or brakes. Parking has never been more fun.


BMW Night Vision detects people and larger animals at a long distance. A thermal image camera in the radiator grille with a range of up to 300 metres relays images of people and animals directly onto the Control Display.
An infrared camera mounted on the kidney grille transmits images from the front of the vehicle onto the Control Display. The image allows the driver to identify people and animals at a distance of up to about 300 metres.
The driver receives warnings in critical situations via the regular display and the BMW Head-Up Display. A flashing red icon (animal or person) is displayed if there is an acute risk of collision. An acoustic alarm is also sounded and the brakes are primed for optimum readiness. The monitor is automatically activated when the vehicle is started. The system even emits a warning when the imaging display has not been activated. BMW Night is an innovation from BMW ConnectedDrive.


Surround View includes the camera systems Top View, Rear View and Panorama Side View. Cameras in the exterior mirrors and two wide-angle cameras, one in the front and one in the rear, enable a 360°-panorama surround view as well as a panorama view of the area in front and behind the vehicle.  Surround View assists you when you are parking and manoeuvring in tight situations. For this purpose the areas recorded by cameras to the side of and behind the vehicle are shown from a bird’s-eye view in the Control Display (Top View).  The Side View equipment option is additionally included and this helps you when edging out of areas with restricted visibility (e.g. exits, blind junctions). Two digital cameras on the left and right at the front of the vehicle capture the situation at the side and transmit it onto the Control Display. This allows you to see crossing traffic approaching in good time and to react accordingly.


The Navigation system Professional features a sleek design and a superior range of services: It delivers a simple and easy-to-use navigation system that is seamlessly integrated into the BMW, including the iDrive operating concept and iDrive Touch Controller. The system comprises a hands-free facility with USB interface and voice control, Radio BMW Professional with DVD drive, as well as 20 GB of memory for audio files. It also facilitates the use of Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI). The built-in 10.25" LCD colour display with split screen function (main and supplementary screen) is designed for optimal readability and clarity. The iDrive Touch Controller with direct menu control buttons, eight functional bookmarks and voice control makes operation intuitive by allowing you to enter the address of your destination in handwriting on its touch-sensitive surface, via direct access buttons and eight favourites- buttons, voice control or touch screen. Six interactive tiles display live content. Thanks to the three-dimensional map display that makes use of satellite images as a map background – with photo-realistic depictions of selected sights – navigation becomes an exciting visual experience.

Map updates are available at BMW dealerships for three years without license fees. Within the framework of BMW ConnectedDrive, in selected European countries the system automatically updates the maps for three years up to four times per year.

  • iDrive Touch Controller

    The iDrive Touch Controller with direct menu control buttons, eight functional bookmarks and voice control makes operation intuitive by allowing you to enter the address of your destination in handwriting on its touch-sensitive surface. Thanks to the three-dimensional map display that makes use of satellite images as a map background, with photo-realistic representations of selected sights, navigation quickly becomes an exciting visual experience.