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For the last 28 years, valued customers like you have put your trust and confidence in BMW Financial Services. Please be assured that we are taking steps to ensure we continue to meet your individual financial needs. We encourage you to access your My BMW Account, our convenient and secure self-service option to manage your BMW Financial Services account 24/7. If you do not already have an account set up online, we would strongly encourage you to do so by visiting My BMW Account


If you are not able to find what you need through My BMW Account, please call us at 1-800-3000-BMW, Monday to Thursday, 9:00am-8:00pm, and Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm EST.


Q. How do I go about registering for My BMW Account?


A. Registration is simple:

1. If you already have a BMW Connected Account, the same username and password can be used to log into My BMW Account. You are not required to re-register.

2. If you do not have a BMW Connected Account, you will be required to register by providing your first and last name, email address and password.In both cases, you will be required to provide the following information in order to access your BMW Financial Services Account(s):

  • Date of birth
  • VIN
  • Amount of your last payment 

Download My BMW Account User Guide


Q. I think I may have received a fraudulent text/email.


A. We are strongly committed to safeguarding your information, and continue to work to protect you against fraudulent activity during these times of uncertainty.

While we put in place protective measures, we also ask that you remain vigilant against fraud.  We will never send unsolicited emails or text messages asking for confidential information such as your account number or financial institution information. Please do not respond to unsolicited communication that requests this type of sensitive information. 


Discover the option right for you.

You know the BMW you want to drive. Now discover the best way to finance it. BMW Financial Services offers a range of options to give you the flexibility to find a solution that works best for you.

Standard lease

Standard Lease.

Get competitive interest rates and lower monthly payments on your new BMW. If you’ve decided on the reliability, value and quality of a Pre-Owned BMW, our Standard Lease provides you with the benefits, the flexibility and the security that you’re looking for.
Single payment lease

Single Payment Lease.

Won over by the merits of leasing? Why not make a payment at the beginning of the lease, and avoid monthly payments altogether? Interest is calculated at a reduced rate, so the lump payment is less than what your monthly payments would add up to with a Standard Lease, and you still retain the right to purchase your BMW at the end of your lease.
Kilometre Options

Kilometre Options.

When we say, “pay only for the portion you drive,” we mean it: no one offers more kilometre options than BMW Financial Services. If the standard lease 24,000 km per year doesn’t suit your needs, you may also select from high or low kilometre options. Additional kilometres can also be purchased up front. This kind of flexibility won't be found at any financing institution.
Standard finance

Standard Finance.

Our Standard Finance option is straightforward, easy and suited to most buyers. It offers competitive interest rates, contract terms from 24 to 84 months, and a wide range of down payment options. Simple and flexible, sometimes the best choice is an obvious one.


Enjoy the satisfaction of owning, with the flexibility of a lease-type payment schedule. With OwnersChoice, you make equal monthly payments over the term of your contract, and a final "balloon" payment for the remaining amount. The length of the contract is flexible, as is the balloon amount, which you can pay off at any time without penalty. OwnersChoice is not available in the province of Québec.


Relax. We have you covered.

BMW Financial Services Protection Products offer extra coverage for you, your family, and your new investment. Standard automobile insurance offers decent peace of mind, but it doesn’t cover everything. We have carefully developed our Protection Products to address the most common, costly, and disruptive contingencies that might occur while you enjoy your BMW.

Tire and Rim Protection

Excess Wear & Use Protection.

BMW Financial Services Excess Wear & Use Protection is designed to give you maximum protection and keep you safe from additional costs at the end of your lease. The product premium is included within your monthly payment, so there are no additional up-front fees to worry about. Simply put, it’s the best protection in the business.

Tire & Rim Protection.

BMW Financial Services Tire and Rim Protection takes care of tire and rim repair or replacement costs. The work is completed by BMW Certified Technicians using only Original BMW parts. Just bring your vehicle to a BMW Retailer and they’ll begin the repair or replacement. And remember: Damaged BMW run-flat tires are always replaced, never repaired.

Appearance Protection.

Keep your BMW looking as good as new with coverage for most cosmetic damage that can detract from your vehicle’s appearance, and lessen its value. Front Windshield Protection, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), Paint Protection, Interior Protection, Key and Keyless Remote Replacement – we have you covered.

Extended Warranty.

With the BMW Extended Warranty, you have the added comfort and peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is covered for out-of-warranty repairs beyond the 4-year / 80,000-km New Car Limited Warranty period. As an added benefit, BMW Extended Warranty includes 24-hour Roadside Assistance for the duration of the term. No matter where in Canada you are, any authorized BMW Retailer can provide service. The BMW Extended Warranty also protects the value of your vehicle by ensuring that only Original BMW Parts are used and service is completed by highly trained BMW Technicians.

Contact your local Retailer for BMW Extended Warranty pricing and package options for your BMW.
Anti-Theft Protection

Anti-Theft Protection.

Ensure you are the only one driving away in your BMW, with protection designed to discourage thieves and increase traceability. In the event your vehicle is stolen, BMW Financial Services Anti-Theft Protection coverage may also include a reduced cost of purchase for a replacement BMW.


Explore the little extras that make owning a BMW special. The following tools and service extras have been conceived and created by BMW owners, for BMW owners.

My BMW image

All Roads Lead To lets you make the most out of ownership. Here is a taste of what you can do with Manage your lease and finance details online; review and udpate your banking information; view your amortization schedule; access your Payoff quote; retrieve your End-of-Year Tax Receipt; request your end of lease appointments; access warranty information and status; see vehicle recalls and product upgrades. Log in or register now in just a few simple steps.
Lease maturity

The Road Ahead is Waiting

When the lease on your BMW nears maturity, it’s time to consider your options. Before your return your vehicle, you will have to complete some simple procedures. So you know what to expect, we’ve created a personal timeline to notify you of important dates, and provide evaluation guidelines to determine acceptable wear and use on your BMW.
BMW Loyalty Program

BMW Loyalty Program.

The BMW Loyalty Program is designed to reward BMW drivers with exclusive benefits towards the future purchase of new BMW vehicles. Whether you purchase with BMW Financial Services on a Lease, Finance or OwnersChoice® contract, or decide to make a cash* purchase, you can take advantage of preferred incentive offers to make your next BMW purchase that much easier. *"Cash Purchase” shall mean all purchases of a new, unregistered BMW vehicle that is not leased or financed through BMW Financial Services Canada.
Lease or Finance?

Lease or Finance?

Discover the right option for you.
Protection Products.

Protection Products.

We have you covered.
Lease Maturity.

Lease Maturity.

The Road Ahead is waiting.
Your New BMW. Your Budget.

Your New BMW. Your Budget.

Find new vehicle offers that match your desired monthly payment range.
Exciting Offers.

Exciting Offers.

Because you matter. Discover exclusive offers for BMW drivers including the BMW Loyalty Program.
All Roads Lead to My BMW Account.

All Roads Lead to My BMW Account

Accessing your BMW Financial Services account has never been easier. With the self-service features, you can manage your financing easily all in one place.
Your Pre-Owned BMW Options

Your Pre-Owned BMW Options

Explore our Pre-Owned inventory to find what’s best for you.

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