BMW Driving Experience Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Who is eligible to take the BMW Driving Experience?

    The Compact course is available to individuals who hold a valid G2 licence. For all other courses, you must be a minimum of 21 years of age, and hold a valid full-class licence.

  • Do I have to own a BMW to participate?

    No, it isn't necessary to own a BMW in order to participate.

  • Can I drive my own vehicle?

    No, BMW provides all vehicles. Vehicles that are not part of the BMW Driving Experience fleet are not permitted in the driving area at anytime.

  • Can I get a tax receipt or insurance reduction?

    BMW does not issue tax receipts and is not associated with any insurance companies offering a reduction in insurance rates.

  • Are gift cards available?

    Gift cards are not currently available for the BMW Driving Experience.

  • How many participants per vehicle?

    Participants will be paired up two per vehicle. If you don't wish to ride as a passenger you can observe from the outer edge of the course until it's your turn to drive.  

  • Do I drive with an instructor?

    Instructors do not ride in the vehicle with participants. Our instructors communicate with the participants via a two-way radio placed in each vehicle.

  • Who insures the vehicle fleet?

    BMW insures the vehicles provided for each course. Each participant will need to complete and sign a standard indemnity waiver during registration on the day of the course.

  • What do I need to bring?

    Please bring your driver's licence, and dress appropriately for outdoor weather, as most of the course occurs outdoors. Flat, closed-toe shoes must be worn – no heels or sandals.

  • Can I bring anyone?

    Children are not permitted at the event. Adult spectators are not permitted to enter the driving area or classroom.

  • Will food and beverage be provided?

    The Advanced and Perfection full-day programs include breakfast and a fully catered lunch. The Compact half-day program includes beverages and light snacks.

  • Can I skip the Advanced course and take Perfection?

    No, participants must complete the Advanced or Winter course in order to take Perfection.