Put your M to the test.

BMW M RACE TRACK EXPERIENCE.Put your M to the test.

BMW M vehicles provide a dose of adrenaline each time you drive them, and the M Driver's Program* will give you some insight into how much breathtaking performance these vehicles really have.

This unique one-day class will pair you with one other driver as you start in a classroom learning the basics like driving the perfect line.


Then head out to the vehicle's natural habitat: the racetrack.


Participate in pulse-pounding exercises like wet skid-pad drifting, accelerating and high-speed lane changing while maintaining total vehicle control. Finally, get behind an instructor for lead-follow lapping.


They will show you the ideal line gradually until you're pushing your M as hard as you can. Can you keep up with them?*

* If you've purchased the M Driver's Program with your BMW, you will receive a welcome package and instructions to redeem a voucher.
Please call 1-888-345-4BMW to redeem the voucher as it cannot be redeemed through online registration.




Performance Center East – Spartanburg


AREA 1 - Warm-up slaloms help you become aware of the car’s weight transfer during cornering.


AREA 2 - You’ll master corrective steering techniques and practice power slides on this wide skidpad.


AREA 3 (SOUTH PALM) - During lead/follow exercises, you’ll learn to match the techniques of the instructors and keep pace with your teammates.


AREA 4 - Increasing radius turns present special challenges on the main track.


AREA 5 (MAIN TRACK) - M cars can stretch their legs on this long straight.



Performance Center East – Spartanburg


AREA 1 - After the long straight, this wide turn presents a tricky double apex.


AREA 2 - Master car control and panic-stop braking in this section.


AREA 3 - Compete for the best time in this autocross with slalom.


AREA 4 (STRAIGHTAWAY) - M cars love this section, allowing you to experience a short burst of wide-open throttle.


AREA 5 (PERFORMANCE TRACK) - Decreasing radius turns and elevation changes challenge your skills.


AREA 6 (WET SKID PAD) - A polished concrete surface and sprinkler system help you learn the art of spin and recover.