BMW wireless charging tray

The wireless charging tray ensures the secure and stable integration of a mobile phone within the vehicle. It facilitates wireless charging and inductive coupling with the external aerial. The charging function can be used with all mobile phones that support Qi charging technology.

For vehicles with mount for snap-in adapter. Mounting options depend on your vehicle's year of manufacture. Further information is available on request.

References: 84212449887.

Fitted at your BMW center
Fitting time: 45 mins

Model Availability  
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Model Availability

2 Series Coupé (from 2014)

2 Series Convertible (from 2014)

3 Series Sedan (2012-2018)

3 Series Touring (2012-2019)

3 Series Gran Turismo (from 2013)

4 Series Coupé (from 2013)

4 Series Convertible (from 2014)

4 Series Gran Coupé (from 2014)

6 Series Coupé (2011-2018)

6 Series Convertible (2012-2018)

6 Series Gran Coupé (2012-2018)

7 Series Sedan (from 2015)

7 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase (from 2015)

X5 (2013-2018)

X6 (2014-2019)

M2 Competition (from 2018)

M2 Coupé (2015-2018)

M3 Sedan (2014-2018)

M4 Coupé (from 2014)

M4 Convertible (from 2014)

M6 Coupé (2012-2017)

M6 Convertible (2013-2018)

M6 Gran Coupé (2013-2018)

X5 M (2015-2018)

X6 M (2015-2019)

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