BMW Twin Power Turbo, BMW Longlife-01 FE, SAE 0W-30, 1000 ml

The fuel-saving oil for BMW petrol engines. BMW TwinPower Turbo Longlife-01 FE SAE 0W-30 is proven to reduce fuel consumption in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) by at least 1% compared with BMW Longlife-01 products. It also, therefore, lowers CO2 emissions. Additionally, a minimised evaporation rate lowers oil consumption. The most important engine components are kept in a cleaner condition while the oil also protects from corrosion and deposits, thus increasing engine life. Synthetic-based, the oil additionally ensures exceptional cold-starting ability – even at temperatures as low as -40°C thanks to its 0W viscosity.

Suitable for all BMW petrol engines from model year 2002. More information available on request.

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Model Availability

2 Series Coupé (2014 - 2021)

2 Series Convertible (2014 - 2021)

6 Series Gran Coupé (actu)

6 Series Convertible (2012 - 2019)

6 Series Coupé (2011 - 2018)

7 Series Sedan (2008 - 2012)

1 Series M Coupé (2007 - 2014)

M3 Limousine (2005 - 2012)

M3 Coupé (2006 - 2010)