For new or used vehicles: When you buy a BMW you can expect the highest quality and reliability and you can count on a broad offer of coverage which comprehensively protects you against unexpected repair costs, ensuring your sheer driving pleasure for the long run.

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As an owner of a new BMW, you can naturally expect the highest quality standards and reliability. In the rare case something may occur with your car, your BMW Dealer Warranty comprehensively protects you against any unexpected repair costs for up to 5 years, valid worldwide.


The BMW Dealer Warranty includes an extensive range of premium services:


  • BMW Roadside Assistance – available 24/7, 365 days a year,
  • the coverage of necessary towing costs to the nearest BMW Partner,
  • extensive mobility offers in the case of a repair.

Additionally, your BMW Partner grants the following coverage:


  • 3-year warranty for the paintwork,
  • 12-year warranty against rust perforation.

As BMW is committed to sustainable and future oriented mobility, the BMW Dealer Warranty exclusively offers:


  • Up to 8 years warranty on high-voltage batteries for BMW hybrid and electric vehicles.

Thanks to your BMW Dealer Warranty you can enjoy sheer driving pleasure. You can count on a network of over 4000 BMW partners that ensure a quick and professional resolution of any necessary repairs and take care of all your needs.


For more information about the BMW Dealer Warranty please contact your local BMW partner.

More about the BMW Dealer Warranty

Overview of detailed information


By choosing a BMW the future is secure thanks to the BMW Dealer Warranty.
With a BMW Extended Warranty you can even prolong this secure feeling for up to 6 years providing you comprehensive protection against any unexpected repair costs, valid worldwide.
For more information about the BMW Extended Warranty please contact your local BMW partner.

  • Your benefits at a glance
    • Maximum piece of mind through the extension of the BMW Dealer Warranty for up to 6 years.
    • Maximum cost control as any unexpected repair costs are covered to the same extent as provided by the BMW Dealer Warranty.
    • Maximum comfort due to quick and professional resolution of any necessary repairs.
    • Maximum availability thanks to worldwide validity in our network of over 4,000 BMW Partners.
    • Maximum possibilities through variable package extension offers.
    • Maximum flexibility through the automatic transfer to the next owner of your BMW.
    • Maximum value retention thanks to repairs exclusively performed by BMW Service Partners and using Original BMW Parts only.



A vehicle that you can rely on: with your BMW Premium Selection certified vehicle you automatically receive a one-year full dealer warranty on all mechanical and electronic parts. This ensures that you will have to wait a long time before you find anything on your new pre-owned BMW – apart from sheer driving pleasure.
For more information about the BMW Premium Selection Warranty please contact your local BMW Partner.

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The BMW Used Car Warranty delivers peace of mind. Your BMW dealer confirms your vehicle's first-rate condition with a careful inspection of all its features and functions. We assure you that the vehicle you buy is in top shape and thanks to the BMW Used Car Warranty your vehicle will stay that way, too.
For more information about the BMW Used Car Warranty please contact your local BMW Partner.

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