Drivers who wish to get the most out of their BMW in the summer now have an easier time than ever before. Numerous products are tailor-made to fit specifically to the BMW model you drive. The focus is on a customized driving pleasure on and off the road. Innovative interior and luggage solutions ensure you arrive relaxed at your destination on both short and long journeys. For the sport-minded drivers, the selection of BMW M Performance component accessories will inspire individualization and performance.


BMW offers a wide range of accessories to make journeys in your BMW even more enjoyable. Whether innovative BMW LED Door Projectors, the BMW Snap-In Adapter for the Apple iPhone 6/6S™ or the versatile BMW Travel & Comfort System – you’re able to find just the right solution for every situation.


Apple iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

BMW Head-Up Screen and Integrated Navigation.

The innovative Head-Up Screen, which can be retrofitted, shows navigation prompts (through a separate smart phone based App), speed, low fuel level, and other important vehicle data – displayed directly in your line of vision. Additionally, you can obtain BMW Integrated Navigation, which is retrofittable and can be perfectly integrated into many BMW models. It is controlled using the BMW iDrive Controller and shows maps on the high-resolution 6.5” colour display.

All-weather floor mats.

The perfectly fitted, durable all-weather floor mats with a raised border and elegant design not only protect the footwell against moisture and dirt, but also keep feet from getting wet. With a black design, they fit perfectly into the interior.

BMW Snap-In Adapter for Apple iPhone 6/6STM.

The Universal snap-in adapter offers secure stowage and rapid charging of Apple iPhone 6/6S™ devices with the Lightning connector, and enables music saved on the device to be played. Depending on the vehicle and its equipment, album covers can also be shown in the vehicle display.

Apple iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Wireless charging case.

The wireless charging case permits wireless charging of Apple iPhones 5™, 5S™ and 6 Plus™. The phone is placed into a black, one-piece unit with BMW branding. The wireless charging case enables charging in combination with the BMW wireless charging option and all QI-certified chargers. For use in vehicles equipped with telephony with wireless charging or in combination with the wireless charging BMW snap-in adapter.

Apple iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.


The sunblind: an essential companion particularly on long journeys during summer. It can easily be attached to the window frame and can even be used when the window is open. Its precise fit, it is especially ideal for protecting passengers from direct sunlight and helps to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle. The sunblind is available for a wide range of BMW models.

Travel & Comfort System.

The Travel & Comfort System offers various components such as the practical folding table that has an additional integrated cup holder, the clothes hanger on the rear side of the backrest, the universal hook to stow items of clothing or light bags on the rear side of the backrest and also the tablet holder which easily accommodates landscape and portrait views. All system components must be latched onto the sturdy base carrier, which can be easily attached between the headrest pillars.



Many roads lead to your goal. So that you choose the best of them for your journey, we continuously make sure that our maps are always up to date. No matter which BMW navigation system you own, here you will find everything about how to update your current maps.


BMW approved high-performance wheel packages keep your BMW performing ahead of the curve and looking great all season long. The right set of wheels can elevate a vehicle to its full potential. BMW approved high-performance wheel packages are extensively researched and masterfully engineered to fit your specific BMW.

Another key for driving safety is tire pressure. All new BMW vehicles have been fitted with a tire pressure control system (RDC). BMW offers most BMW Performance Wheel Packages with an RDC sensor. Your nearest BMW Retailer will be glad to advise as to whether your vehicle is fitted with a tire pressure control system and which wheel packages will best meet your needs.


Need extra space for family holiday luggage? Or do you want to ensure your youngest passengers enjoy maximum safety? Original BMW Accessories offer the perfect solution for every situation − safe, comfortable and in top BMW quality, of course.

BMW Roof Box.

Travel in comfort even when you have lots of luggage: BMW Roof Boxes create additional storage capacity and are available in various colours with different volumes (320L, 350L or 460L). The elegant boxes offer easy loading with its innovative two-sided opening system. Fitted with six locking points and anti-theft features, the transport boxes also meet the required safety standards. BMW Roof Box requires Roof Rails.

BMW Basic Carrier.

Whether a roof box, a bicycle rack or a surfboard holder − the BMW Basic Carrier provides the secure basis for numerous innovative transport systems including the range of Original BMW Accessories. It can be mounted easily without requiring any tools and can be expanded to suit your individual needs. The model-specific basic carrier from BMW meets the required safety requirements, allowing an additional load capacity of 100 kg. The cross bars are made of high-strength aluminum tubing and are fitted with anti-theft protection. Available for a wide range of BMW models − except for convertibles, roadsters and the BMW 6 Series.


All components and products from BMW M Performance Parts convey pure sporting flair. They are available separately for a large number of BMW and BMW M models in the categories of aerodynamics, drivetrain, cockpit and suspension. Each individual product meets the highest standards of quality and design in terms of finish and material – as if made for your personal BMW with adrenalin factor.

BMW M Performance Drive Analyzer.

Motor racing in data form: the BMW M Performance Drive Analyzer with integrated On-Board Diagnostic Stick records and analyses technical information relevant to driving such as engine data and braking distances. You can access your results at any time by means of your smartphone.

BMW M Performance Track Fix for GoPro Cameras.

To ensure that driving experiences really do remain unforgettable, the BMW M Performance Track Fix for GoPro cameras offers a secure and stable base for fantastic outdoor recordings on the race track. The exterior holder is mounted on one of the towing eyelets for this purpose. You can control the camera via an app.

BMW M Performance rear spoiler Carbon.

Even greater dynamic elegance, an even more athletic appearance: the BMW M Performance rear spoiler made of 100% carbon underscores the individual appearance of the vehicle and guarantees optimised aerodynamic values. The high-grade carbon has been meticulously handcrafted. The rear spoiler blends in perfectly with the vehicle design, both optically and technically.

BMW M Performance key case leather/carbon.

A small but fine statement for motorsport: with its material mix of leather and carbon, the BMW M Performance key holder gives an especially sporty impression. An Allen screw securely connects the key to the case. This helps you to protect your key against scratches and dirt and prevents the buttons from being pressed unintentionally.


Tailor your driving experience on the inside and out, by taking advantage of outstanding offers on Original BMW Accessories. Each accessory is made with high-quality materials and designed to match your specific vehicle. Click below to discover this month’s special offers.