BMW Service.

Quality, efficiency and innovation: three cornerstones of the expertise delivered by BMW Service – today and tomorrow. Even before a new BMW model goes into production, our engineers develop innovative service features and concepts. We are committed to providing you with first-class service for your BMW, and an uncompromising driving experience.


The thinking approach to service: you can call up the current service status from the convenience of your car utilizing the connectivity between the on-board systems of your vehicle and your preferred BMW Service Centre. This makes service appointments easy to plan in advance, saving you time and providing you with transparency in the service process.

Service Retailers


Always at your service: thanks to our nationwide network, you are rarely far away from a BMW Retailer. Wherever you go, the connectivity with BMW’s headquarters and the ongoing transfer of knowledge smooths the way for optimum service. By letting your local BMW Retailer take care of your car, feel confident with the knowledge that you can rely on expert high-quality servicing, BMW approved diagnostic equipment and Certified BMW Technicians to ensure your BMW is serviced right, the first time.


High-tech service: the vehicle’s built-in on-board-diagnosis identifies and makes an advance note of potential faults in the vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems. Based on this diagnosis, the computer-aided system performs swift, precise troubleshooting. There is also interactive, direct two-way communication between the BMW Retailer and the specialists at BMW’s headquarters to ensure consistently high service standards.



In 1982, BMW became the first car manufacturer to dismiss rigid maintenance intervals and adopt a servicing approach based on actual requirements. Depending on model, the condition of wearing parts and operating fluids is now determined using sensors and algorithms, or based on parameters such as mileage or driving habits. When you switch on the engine, a display shows the vehicle status and when the next service is due – with the added advantage that you are only prompted to have the car serviced when it is genuinely needed.


Innovative, quick and reliable: on BMW models built since 2000, important vehicle data such as the vehicle identification number, mileage, or a need for servicing has been stored in the key. Your preferred BMW Retailer can call up this information using an electronic device - the KeyReader – when the car is taken in for servicing. This KeyReader avoids miscommunication of information, and you have more time to discuss any specific matters with your BMW Service Advisor.