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Meta Navigation Please configure the meta navigation component below. It is used in the Small Sticky Footer (which you don't configure separately anywhere else). The latter is rendered automatically inside various other templates (e.g. Dealer Locator). Later on you can also reuse the configuration from below in the footer configuration above by simply inserting component named Meta Navigation Line (which will automatically include all the meta navigation links from below).

Veuillez sélectionner une langue
Veuillez sélectionner une langue


Les prix et frais sont basés sur la province sélectionnée.

Changing the selected province will restart the configuration.

BMW.Digital - Version Info

Master Release 2018.1.8.16-release

akamaiagent-package 2018.1.1
bmwcom-release 2018.1.8.58-1535978587
business-complete-package 2018.1.42
contentdistribution-package 2018.1.1
cookiecontroller-package 2018.1.0
delete 2018.1.1
delete-bmw 2018.1.1
delete-business 2018.1.42
delete-cache 2018.1.0
ds2-complete-package 2018.1.8.21
ds2-configuration 2018.1.8.21
errorhandler-package 2018.1.0
frontend-foundation-package 2018.1.0
frontend-foundation-showroom-package 2018.1.0
frontend-geolocation-package 2018.1.0
frontend-geolocation-showroom-package 2018.1.0
frontend-services-bookmarking-package 2018.1.0
frontend-services-bookmarking-showroom-package 2018.1.0
frontend-services-cookiecontroller-adapter-package 2018.1.0
i18nimport-package 2018.1.0
linkrewriter-package 2018.1.0
messagebus-components-package 2018.1.0
messagebus-service-deviceorientation-components-package 2018.1.0
messagebus-service-deviceorientation-showroom-package 2018.1.0
messagebus-service-sso-components-package 2018.1.0
messagebus-service-sso-showroom-package 2018.1.0
microservice-author-integration-components-package 2018.1.1
migration-package 2018.1.0
msic-ml1-acl-bmw 2018.1.13
msic-ml1-acl-bmw-user 1.0.31
msic-ml1-config 2018.1.22
presoc-package 2018.1.4
sitecontext-package 2018.1.0
viruscheck-package 2018.1.0

H5VCO Settings

H5VCO Base Url /h5vcoCDN/BMW2/app/
H5VCO Ucp Base Url /h5vco/UCPServices/vc/v2/
H5VCO Finance Base Url /h5vco/finance
H5VCO Integration Mode digital

Requests Settings

Requests Gcdm Forms Api Url
Requests Angular Api Url
Requests Html5 Api Url
Requests Gcdm Api Endpoint