BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV BMW iX xDrive50 Aventurin Red in front of coast


BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV BMW iX xDrive50 Aventurin Red in front of coast

The all-new BMW iX.

THE iX The all-new BMW iX.


Born from a vision. Created for electric mobility. Thanks to efficient BMW eDrive technology and its fully electric all-wheel drive, the BMW iX achieves an exceptional range and delivers powerful acceleration from a standstill. The intelligent BMW Operating System 8 always keeps itself up to date and can be operated completely intuitively.

475 KM* RANGE.

BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV BMW iX xDrive50 Aventurin Red driving on a street range

With an estimated range of 475 km*, the BMW iX is the perfect vehicle for every day, ideal for both city driving and long distances. It also boasts excellent aerodynamic properties thanks to its highly efficient design, which also contributes to its extremely low energy consumption. 


BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV BMW iX xDrive50 Aventurin Red driving on a street performance

With two powerful electric motors and BMW xDrive electric all-wheel drive, the BMW iX offers outstanding electric performance: over 500 hp* propels the BMW iX from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The instantly available torque and stepless acceleration from a standstill allow the BMW iX to respond precisely and spontaneously to every movement of the accelerator pedal. At the same time, the SAV exhibits remarkably confident and typically electric handling.

BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV charging time


BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV BMW iX xDrive50 Aventurin Red side view exterior

Clean surfaces with a few characteristic lines give the BMW iX its uniquely monolithic shape. Every detail blends seamlessly into the modern design language and gives the vehicle an appearance of being created from a single mould. The aerodynamically, highly efficient exterior design along with striking details, such as the window graphics that taper towards the rear, the "streamflow". For the first time, flush door handles and frameless doors can be found on a BMW SAV – revealing its pioneering spirit at first glance.


BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV BMW iX xDrive50 Aventurin Red front view BMW kidney Shy Tech

The Shy Tech concept focuses on the passengers and allows the modern technology in the BMW iX to blend into the background until needed or explicitly desired. This invisible intelligence can be experienced in many details of the exterior and interior – like the kidney grille, which functions as an intelligent surface and houses camera technology, radar functions, state-of-the-art sensor technology and heating elements. And then there’s the invisibly embedded speakers of the audio system and the minamalist button design inside.

Exterior design highlights of the BMW iX.

BMW iX electric SUV Aventurin Red i20 front view

Front design.

The front of the BMW iX has been reinterpreted in a futuristic style, giving it an expressive presence. The vertically aligned BMW kidney grille particularly highlights the progressive appearance of the SAV, in combination with the narrowest twin headlights ever mass-produced by BMW.
BMW iX electric SUV Aventurin Red i20 side view

Side view.

Stunning rectangular contours around the wheels confidently focus attention, reminiscent of the first BMW X models. The flush door handles, the frameless doors and the windows that graphically taper towards the rear, and the "streamflow" are all harmoniously integrated into the appearance, creating a strong sense of modernity.
BMW iX electric SUV Aventurin Red i20 rear view

Rear design.

Large surfaces, the BMW Group's narrowest rear lights, and a seamlessly integrated tailgate ensure a modern presence. The large diffuser elements optimise aerodynamics and, together with the flat underbody, improve range.


BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV interior Suite leather Castanea

The interior of the BMW iX is a unique place to unwind with an architecture inspired by modern interior design. Its elements – such as the flat dashboard with the large BMW Curved Display and the slim seats – all resemble pieces of furniture with their high-quality choice of colours and materials. The free-standing floating centre console, the absence of a centre tunnel and the largest panoramic glass roof ever installed in a BMW create an impressive feeling of space that invites you to linger.


BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV BMW iDrive Controller interior Suite cockpit

The new BMW iDrive immerses you in an utterly new, holistic interior experience. And, for the first time, you can communicate with your BMW naturally and intuitively. Get to know your intelligent digital assistant, who responds to your voice and gestures, and makes your stay in the BMW iX as pleasant as possible. In addition to the haptic BMW iDrive user interface, you can control the complete infotainment system of your BMW iX more naturally than ever before.

Interior design highlights of the BMW iX.

BMW iX i20 electric SUV cockpit interior design Suite Castanea

Minimalist interior design.

The interior design is modern and reduced down to the essentials – a focus which can be noted in the displays and controls. As the central control element, the available glassy iDrive Controller on the center console is framed by an elegant control panel made of FSC-certified wood. With its active haptics and touch control capabilities, it replaces conventional buttons for selecting the iDrive menus.
BMW iX i20 electric SUV rear interior design Suite Castanea

Lounge seats in the rear.

The rear bench seat offers generous space and a relaxed lounge-like atmosphere thanks to the elimination of the centre tunnel and the homogeneous transition of the side seats into the door trim. The rear seats also feature optional seat heating and 3D speakers integrated into the headrests. The rear seat backrest can also be divided into a 40 : 20 : 40 ratio to expand the luggage compartment.
BMW iX i20 electric SUV panorama glass roof interior

Panorama glass roof.

The available full-length, "Sky Lounge" panoramic glass roof creates a generous sense of space and a relaxed lounge atmosphere within the cabin. It can be electrochromatically shaded for more privacy and, since there is no need for an interior headliner, it offers passengers even more headroom with a modern feel.
BMW iX i20 electric SUV BMW Curved Display interior

BMW Curved Display.

The BMW Curved Display, installed for the first time in series production, serves as the central display and control element for the fully digital stage of the BMW iX. The 12.3″ information display merges with the 14.9″ Control Display to form a single display unit and looks like a free-floating picture frame on the instrument panel.


BMW iX i20 2021 electric SUV interior Suite sustainability

The BMW iX is a much more sustainable concept vs. a traditional combustion engine vehicle. This is due to various measures, such as the use of exclusively renewable energy sources during production and the use of natural materials and recyclates within the interior. Examples include the naturally olive leaf-tanned Castanea leather and the 100% Econyl floor mats.  

European model shown. *BMW AG predicted estimated range (based on WLTP methodology), horsepower and acceleration. Official EPA test results are not yet available. Range may vary based on driving habits and other factors.