The driving dynamics of the BMW X1.

The BMW X1 impresses with its outstanding power build-up and supreme driving dynamics.


With Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) in the BMW X1, traction increases on loose gravel or snow by improving tolerance for wheel slip. If the front wheels are stuck in snow and cannot spin properly, this leads to slip on the rear wheels and DSC acts to change engine output: the power needed for forward movement is reduced. Switching to DTC has a positive effect on this situation, as traction is improved without a loss of power. DTC allows you to drive at the limits without fear of exceeding them. It increases wheel slip on the drive wheels in order to ensure optimum traction on any surface. This allows the behaviour of the BMW X1 to be controlled entirely by the driver, with the DSC system taking a back seat. Drivers who appreciate a more sporting driving style can activate DTC to allow for controlled wheel skid, or "drift".


Taking the power to where it has maximum effect – a simple idea that the intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system puts into practice masterfully. In the BMW X1, the xDrive all-wheel drive system provides better traction, greater stability and more safety. If the sensors detect that the car is about to drift off course – for example, in winter conditions – the system reacts in milliseconds. By adjusting the amount of power distributed to the axles, xDrive eliminates oversteering or understeering instantly. Even on ice and snow, the system lets you enjoy the power of the BMW X1 to the fullest, with a noticeable gain in traction and tracking stability on any terrain. Whether you're taking tight corners, attempting a hill start or tackling slippery surfaces, the optimum amount of power is applied to the road.


No two journeys are identical: on a bend, the outer wheels have a longer path than the inner. BMW Performance Control takes up this challenge and uses it to create a more dynamic driving experience by controlling each wheel individually.
In modern automobiles, the wheels on the same axle are connected by a differential – a special transmission that compensates this difference in length. BMW Performance Control takes this individual control a step further by changing engine output and, if necessary, applying braking force: the outer wheels get greater drive power, the inner wheels get less power, and all four can engage with maximum traction. The BMW X1 practically banks into the bend, for even greater dynamism and safety.


The optional Servotronic power steering in the BMW X1 xDrive models ensures optimal steering responsiveness in any situation. Depending on the current speed, Servotronic adjusts the amount of steering assistance to suit the driving situation. At high speeds, a precise and direct response is necessary to ensure safe steering. On tight bends and during parking manouvres, smoothness and comfort are required in order to maximize agility.