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The next oil change, vehicle inspection, new brake pads. These are appointments you no longer need to think about. Relax with the assurance that your BMW knows when and what services it needs and sends the vehicle-related service data automatically to BMW. Your preferred BMW Retailer can then access the data quickly and get in touch with you right away. With BMW Teleservices from BMW ConnectedDrive, you’re free to do what you really want to.

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BMW Teleservices (standard on all BMW model years 2014 and newer) are innovative BMW ConnectedDrive services that offer maximum comfort and let you focus on the important things in life. Through BMW Teleservices, your preferred BMW Retailer receives detailed information from BMW regarding the condition of the vehicle; information which was previously available only through a service visit. This allows for personalized vehicle service as well as a quick reaction in the event of an issue. With the Automatic BMW Teleservice Call, your BMW knows when a service is due. Through the Condition Based Service (CBS) sensors, the car identifies service requirements and automatically transmits all service-related data to BMW. Your preferred BMW Service Centre retrieves the data, is informed about the service need and vehicle status, and calls you to arrange a service appointment if necessary. With the Manual BMW Teleservice Call, you can conveniently get your BMW Service Centre to contact you, get customized advice or spontaneously schedule a service appointment. The vehicle sends all service-relevant data to BMW at the press of a button. Your BMW Retailer receives the information, calls you back, answers your questions and arranges an appointment if necessary. In the unlikely event of a breakdown or technical malfunction, you can initiate a call to BMW Roadside Assistance within your BMW while the BMW Teleservice Update ensures that your mobile devices and media players are always well connected to your vehicle. BMW Teleservice Battery Guard reliably keeps an eye on your battery day and night and informs you if the battery’s state of charge drops below a certain level.


BMW ConnectedDrive stands for the intelligent connection of vehicle, driver and the outside world. It lets you complete tasks quickly and easily while having more time for the most important things in life: your family, friends or leisure activities.  Under the umbrella of BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW Teleservices maximizes comfort with regards to servicing. The usage of BMW Teleservices features is free of charge for all BMW model years 2014 and newer. The services are automatically activated when the vehicle is delivered to the customer.


Automatic BMW Teleservice Call.

Business appointments, birthdays, private engagements – you already have enough appointments on your mind. When it comes to your BMW's appointments, your vehicle knows when it requires the next service and what needs to be done. The Automatic BMW Teleservice Call from BMW ConnectedDrive means you no longer have to take care of those things personally. Sensors detect when a servicing is due and transmit the information to BMW; your preferred BMW Retailer can access your vehicle data, evaluate all relevant vehicle-related information and effectively prepare for your car’s visit to the workshop – even before you call to make an appointment. The benefits, at a glance, include: automatic detection of service requirements; direct transfer of service-relevant data to BMW; automatic reminder of servicing appointments; optimally-prepared and more effective maintenance; and shorter service visits.
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Manual BMW Teleservice Call.

Would you like to schedule a service appointment or want to know what the ‘Check control’ message in your vehicle display means? No problem, thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive: the Manual BMW Teleservice Call allows you to contact your BMW Service Centre at any time directly from your vehicle and request a return call. Whether you need to have a chipped windshield repaired or would like to have tires installed, it’s all possible at the push of a button. When you make the call, all of your service-related data is automatically transferred to BMW. Your preferred BMW Service Department retrieves the data and is perfectly prepared, based on this gathered information. The benefits, at a glance, include: convenient contact from the vehicle with guaranteed call-back; customized advice based on transmitted vehicle data; shortened waiting times for accessories; optimally-prepared maintenance; and shorter service visits.
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BMW Teleservice Battery Guard.

Not sure if you parked your BMW and forgot to switch off the lights? No problem − thanks to BMW Teleservice Battery Guard, the practical BMW ConnectedDrive service that prevents battery failure. If the battery voltage drops below a certain level, the BMW Teleservice Battery Guard will inform your preferred BMW Retailer directly or the next time you start the engine. This means you can avoid any starting issues or battery-related malfunctions − as your BMW can now monitor its energy supply itself. The benefits, at a glance, include: automatic BMW Retailer notification about critical battery charge status; quick detection of battery defects; and premium service with regard to energy supply.
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Questions and answers about BMW TeleServices.

Do you have any questions about BMW Teleservices?  You’ll find answers to the most common questions here.

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