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Keep your BMW up to date at all times: Remote Software Upgrade 21-03 delivers many new functional extensions, quality improvements and new functions. You will find all the details on content and information in the following release notes.
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Remote Software Upgrade 21-03 BMW 4 Series Convertible driving on the street three-quarter side view

You can now look forward to the following functions and functional improvements:

  • Amazon Alexa Car Integration: “Alexa, add toothpaste to my shopping list!”

Quality improvements:

  • Quality improvement: Issues when changing music tracks in Android 11 eliminated
Remote Software Upgrade 21-03 BMW 4 Series Coupé standing front view

General information:

  • Functional updates and improved quality
  • Applicability of the Remote Software Upgrade and Release Notes
  • Information about previous versions
  • Updating the on-board operating instructions in the vehicle
  • Special information about this upgrade
  • Specific information for hybrid vehicles
  • Use of the My BMW App for data transfer



BMW Remote Software Upgrade Amazon Alexa Car Integration navigation system close-up

“Alexa, add toothpaste to my shopping list!”

The Amazon voice service in your BMW, just as you are used to with your Alexa-compatible devices at home. Add items to your shopping list, check the status of your Amazon order or view the latest football results while in your vehicle. All on the move and without your hands needing to leave the steering wheel. Simply say "Alexa" followed by your voice command: "Alexa, How far away is The Moon?" or "Alexa, add toothpaste to my shopping list!" You can now also operate your smart home from your BMW by voice command. Just say "Alexa, open the garage!" to get into your house with dry feet.


Issues when changing music tracks in Android 11 eliminated.

This upgrade eliminates known processing issues for cover art files by the head unit in conjunction with Android 11 and AVRCP1.6 as the active Bluetooth protocol.
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Applicability of the Remote Software Upgrade and Release Notes.

The new functions and functional enhancements of this upgrade are only applicable if your vehicle is equipped with the necessary equipment. Contact your Authorized BMW Retailer or the BMW ConnectedDrive hotline for information about your vehicle’s equipment specifications. Please also refer to your vehicle’s Integrated Operating Instructions or Owner’s Manual for function use requirements and limitations.

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Function updates and improved quality.

This remote software upgrade updates existing functions to meet the latest state-of-the-art technological standards, and includes quality enhancements.
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Information about previous versions.

You can find information about all the previous versions of the remote software upgrade in the ConnectedDrive customer portal and on your country's BMW website.

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Updating the on-board operating instructions in the vehicle.

Thanks to this Remote Software Upgrade the Integrated Operating Instructions in the vehicle will feature the most up-to-date version.
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BMW Remote Software Upgrade navigation system close-up

Special information about this upgrade.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remove all OBD diagnostic systems used (logbooks, GPS trackers) before the start and during the upgrade.
  • The vehicle cannot be used for approx. 20 minutes during installation of the remote software upgrade. Please ensure that you park the vehicle in a safe place and in compliance with road safety regulations, before commencing the upgrade process. BMW strongly recommends parking the vehicle at home.
  • Reloading the ConnectedDrive apps after the upgrade can take a certain length of time.
  • Only leave and lock your car once the countdown for the upgrade has expired.
  • Some settings may be reset to default after the upgrade (for example, Connected Music or notification settings), and need to be re-activated.
  • Restarting some vehicle systems may cause control messages to appear on the display during or after an upgrade. Please pay attention to these control messages and observe whether they are still shown after the restart (e.g. parking brake, drivetrain malfunction).
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION for iOS users: when transferring the upgrade using your smartphone, please connect via the Bluetooth & WiFi connection in the vehicle in the “Mobile devices” menu. If the Bluetooth and/or WiFi icon appears greyed out, please first activate Apps & Bluetooth Audio in the settings in the submenu of “Mobile devices”.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE for M vehicles: The installation prompt for the Remote Software Upgrade can only be displayed approx. 30-60 minutes after engine switch-off because the engine needs to cool down. The prompt is displayed before engine start. The next time you enter your vehicle, please do the installation before starting the engine and wait until the installation prompt is displayed.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE for users of BMW Drive Recorder: The initial settings will be reset and recorded videos deleted after the upgrade.
BMW Remote Software Upgrade BMW hybrid vehicle at charging station three-quarter front view

Specific notes for hybrid vehicles.

  • If you perform the Remote Software Upgrade during charging, the charging process will be interrupted and not automatically continued.
  • Charging and climate control settings can be reset after the Remote Software Upgrade (e.g. charging settings to 6A instead of 16A). Once you have completed the upgrade, re-set your preferences in the relevant menus under Settings.
  • By upgrading, the electrically driven kilometers displayed may be set to zero. Your vehicle will not however lose the electrically driven kilometers because they are stored elsewhere in the vehicle. In this case, please contact a BMW authorized retailer if you would like to be able to document the status of electrically driven kilometers.
Remote Software Upgrade Use of the My BMW App for data transfer QR code

Use of the My BMW App for data transfer.

NOTE: You can find out how to use the My BMW App for data transfer on YouTube or using the QR code displayed on the right.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the BMW ConnectedDrive hotline, to help us continually optimize our remote software upgrade.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the BMW ConnectedDrive hotline, to help us continually optimize our remote software upgrade.
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