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Discover how to make the most out of your journey with BMW ConnectedDrive, and find out how to use its most important services, apps and systems.


Discover how to make the most out of your journey with BMW ConnectedDrive, and find out how to use its most important services, apps and systems.

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Mobile Apps For Your BMW.

The Services & Apps from BMW ConnectedDrive make a library of entertainment, information, social apps and assistance available to you. Whether you need a travel guide, entertainer or guardian angel, ConnectedDrive is your ultimate travelling companion. Download selected apps to your smartphone or tablet, or directly to your BMW directly.
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Bluetooth® & USB pairing.

The Bluetooth and USB audio interfaces connect your BMW with your mobile devices, letting you use them safely while travelling. With Bluetooth you can connect your smartphone or tablet to synchronize your telephone book, play music, or use the wide range of office functions – effortlessly. Calls can be made and taken via the hands-free system, which is operated from the multifunction steering wheel, the iDrive Controller, or the voice control system. The USB audio interface lets you integrate your MP3 players, USB sticks and mobile phones seamlessly with the BMW audio system. The controls in the vehicle let you navigate by genre, album or artist, while the USB port in the centre console provides a direct connection to your devices.
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BMW Teleservices

BMW Teleservices.

The next oil change, vehicle inspection, new brake pads. These are appointments you no longer need to think about. Relax with the assurance that your BMW knows when and what services it needs and sends the vehicle-related service data automatically to BMW. Your preferred BMW Retailer can then access the data quickly and get in touch with you right away. With BMW Teleservices from BMW ConnectedDrive, you’re free to do what you really want to.
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Get to know ConnectedDrive.

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  • Which Bluetooth-capable mobile devices can I use with my BMW mobile phone preparation?

    The mobile devices tested by BMW can be found at www.BMW.com/bluetooth. Here you can also obtain detailed information on which functions of your mobile device are supported.

  • Why is my mobile device not included in the list of mobile devices tested by BMW?

    Due to the large number of devices on the market, it is necessary to make a selection. Before a selected mobile device is included on the list, it undergoes extensive testing with all mobile phone preparations installed in BMW vehicles. After the device has passed these tests, it can be included on the list of mobile devices tested by BMW. BMW works with all leading manufacturers so that the latest mobile devices can be included as soon as possible.

  • What happens when there is more than one registered mobile device with activated Bluetooth function in the vehicle?

    When the telephone system is switched on, it automatically looks for the mobile device that was last connected. If this device is not found within a certain period of time, the vehicle automatically looks for the next phone on the list of registrations. If necessary, the list is scanned again.

  • What is the USB audio interface?

    The USB audio interface makes it possible to connect Apple iPhone/iPod devices, suitable external devices and USB sticks to your vehicle. The connected device can be operated using the vehicle’s input controls. The information displayed is based on the information stored in the device(e.g. ID3 tags), such as musical genres, artists, albums, songs and playlists.  

  • How can I display the covers of audio tracks as well?

    In the case of vehicles with a graphic display, it is also possible to show album covers saved on the player. In the case of MP3 players, album covers to be displayed have to be saved in the individual music files (in the metadata). Please use the special software (e.g.. Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) for saving the album images in the music file.

  • How do I register my mobile device with my BMW mobile phone preparation (pairing)?

    For security reasons, your mobile device and mobile phone preparation have to go through a one-off registration (pairing) procedure. You will find notes on the registration procedure in the operating manual of your vehicle as well as in the operating manual for your mobile device.

    If a mobile device has already been registered in the vehicle, the connection will be made automatically when you start your journey. However, in order to establish the connection, make sure that the Bluetooth service is activated both on the telephone and in the vehicle.

    During the registration procedure, you will be asked to enter a pass key. You can choose any key you wish. However, for security reasons, it should consist of at least four digits and not be easy to guess (e.g., “0000” or “1234”).

  • Is it possible to connect more than one device via Bluetooth at the same time?

    Up to four mobile devices can be registered at the same time. One of these mobile devices can be active (i.e.: connected) at any time.

    If your BMW vehicle supports music via Bluetooth, another device can also be connected with the vehicle at the same time.

  • I have made changes in the contacts, calendar entries, to-do notes or notes on my mobile device. When will these changes be shown in the vehicle?

    Please see www.BMW.com/bluetooth to find out whether the relevant function is supported by your mobile device and vehicle equipment.

    In general, the data update is initiated as soon as the ignition is switched on. Please check the display on your mobile device, as you may have to confirm the data transfer.

  • Why aren’t appointments, to-do notes and notes displayed in my vehicle’s Office menu?

    Appointments that are older than 20 days, or those that lie are more than 50 days in the future are not transferred. Completed to-dos or to-dos more than 90 days in the future are not transferred. Depending on the number of appointments stored in your mobile device, not all will be displayed in the vehicle. Further information can be found in the operating manual for your mobile device, in the operating manual for your vehicle, or at www.BMW.com/bluetooth.

  • Why can’t I register my mobile device despite having entered the pass key?

    First, check whether the mobile device is on the list of mobile devices tested by BMW at www.BMW.com/bluetooth. The pass key entered in the vehicle must be identical to that entered in the mobile device. In addition, the registration procedure has to take place within 30 seconds. For older models, the pass key should be entered within seven seconds. If you have to repeat the registration procedure, it may be necessary to delete the existing entries on the list of devices. For more information, please consult the operating manual for your mobile device.