BMW Approved Tires & Wheels.


BMW Approved Tires & Wheels.


No other piece of equipment has a greater impact on your vehicle’s performance and safety than tires. BMW Approved Tires, easily identified by the star marking on the exterior sidewall, are specially developed in close collaboration with leading tire manufacturers and precision-crafted to match your BMW’s exact specifications. The result: Improved performance, enhanced safety, and the highest degree of ride comfort. Why settle for anything else?


BMW Performance Wheel Packages.


BMW Performance Wheel Packages.

Bring the individual character of your BMW to life with a BMW Performance Wheel Package. Each package is precisely forged to help optimize weight and fitted with premium BMW Star Approved Tires to help deliver the highest degree of safety. Plus, with a variety of striking wheel designs to choose from, you can easily reinvent the look of your vehicle to suit your distinct sense of style.


Attention to detail: BMW High-Performance Wheels offer a sophisticated design, unmatched stability, and ideal running properties. The wheel and tire combinations are precisely tailored to suit the overall performance characteristics of your BMW, thereby helping to provide the best possible interplay between all chassis components.


Your drive doesn’t stop for winter, so why should your driving pleasure? BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheel Packages are specially designed with a unique rubber compound and an aggressive tread pattern to maximize traction and brake response at temperatures of 7 °C and below. Best of all, you can choose from a vast selection of appealing styles to ensure your BMW continues to look as good as it performs.


You don’t drive just any car, so why choose just any tire? Match your performance demands and safety requirements to tires that are as premium as your BMW. Developed in collaboration with the world’s top tire manufacturers, BMW Star Approved Tires are optimally tuned for your specific BMW and rigorously tested to meet our stringent standards of quality, handling, ride comfort, and safety.

Tailor Made.

BMW Star Approved Tires are individually developed to fit your BMW’s exact chassis components and performance characteristics.


Each tire has passed stringent quality testing with up to 50 different criteria points.


BMW Approved tires are perfectly attuned to the suspension components and adaptive systems of your BMW for maximum grip and dynamic handling.


Each tire is designed to minimize rolling resistance, and, in turn, reduce fuel consumption.


BMW Tires with the star marking are awarded top safety ratings and feature state-of-the-art Run-flat technology.


BMW Star Approved Tires are also available with Run-flat technology. This innovative safety feature helps ensure that you can retain directional control of your vehicle in the event of sudden tire pressure loss caused by a puncture. Even with no tire pressure, BMW Tires with Run-flat technology will allow you to travel up to 80 km at a speed of up to 80 km/h, helping you reach your nearest BMW Retailer or Service Centre for assistance.

BMW Tires with Run-flat Technology.

Discover the benefits in a film.

Optimal stability.

Thanks to specially-reinforced sidewalls, Run-flat tires help ensure that your vehicle will maintain its directional stability for approximately 80 km (at a maximum speed of 80 km/h) if all tire pressure is lost. This greatly reduces the danger of your vehicle swerving in the event of a tire puncture at high speed.

Highest safety.

BMW Approved Tires with Run-flat technology help reduce risk in the event of a flat tire. Instead of putting yourself in danger by having to change a tire on the roadside, you can drive safely for another 80 kilometres (at a maximum speed of 80 km/h) to the closest BMW Retailer or Service Centre for assistance.

Reduced Weight.

In addition to their safety benefits, BMW Approved Tires with Run-flat technology assist in decreasing total vehicle weight as you no longer require a spare wheel.

More storage space.

Without the need for a spare wheel in the boot of your vehicle, you can enjoy extra room for other essential cargo items such as luggage or BMW Car Care products.

Constant control.

For several years now, all BMW vehicles have come equipped with a Tire Defect Indicator (TDI), which allows you to monitor the pressure of your tires during your journey. BMW vehicles from 2014 and onward are outfitted with an active tire pressure monitoring system that displays the exact tire pressure in real time.


BMW’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System uses sensors to electronically monitor the tire pressure of all four wheels. Depending on the model and equipment, the tire pressure indicator enables the tire pressure to be monitored in real time via the Control Display on the instrument panel. All new BMW vehicles have been fitted with this safety system since March 2014.

Your benefits at a glance.

More safety.

The correct tire pressure greatly reduces the risk of tire damage, thereby increasing safety. Only at the correct tire pressure can your tire provide optimum contact with the road, and in turn, the best possible traction and performance.

Early warning system.

If the tire pressure monitoring system measures a critical deviation in pressure (20% below target or below the minimum pressure of 1.7 bar), it notifies the driver early on of the potential risk by means of a warning signal, as well as providing feedback on the tire(s) in question via the Control Display or the multifunction instrument display.

Increased efficiency.

Tires with correct pressure will generate less rolling resistance, which in turn minimizes fuel consumption. Additionally, correct tire pressure prevents irregular wear and tear, thereby helping to extend the service life of the tires.

BMW Wheels with TPMS sensors.

Your BMW Retailer offers complete wheel packages which include tires fitted with TPMS sensors, which are an essential part of the BMW Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Your BMW Service specialists will be glad to help you determine if your BMW is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System and which tires best meet your requirements. During a tire or wheel change, our experts will set the correct tire pressure and ensure that the Tire Pressure Monitoring System is in perfect working order.

Important information for the journey ahead.

  • New Tires with TPMS sensor

    If you drive a BMW with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, be sure that any new tires you purchase are fitted with an TPMS sensor.

  • Tire pressure warning when an emergency spare wheel is mounted

    Emergency spare wheels are not fitted with TPMS sensors. If an emergency wheel is installed after a drop in tire pressure, the warning will remain in place until a new wheel is mounted that is equipped with an TPMS sensor.

  • Tire pressure warning due to differences in temperature

    Tire pressure can vary with changes in temperature. If the temperature of the tire increases due to extended driving periods or sunlight exposure for example, the tire pressure will increase. A reduction in tire pressure can occur in the case of severe reductions in temperature, which can result in a warning being issued on the Control Display or multifunction instrument display. For this reason, tire pressure should be checked at regular intervals.

  • No warning in case of sudden tires damage

    The system cannot give previous indication of sudden tire damage caused by external impact.