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BMW Approved Wheels & Tires.


While you are on the open road you are the type of person who has the music blasting from the speakers, or maybe you enjoy the company of your fellow passengers. Then all of a sudden the weather changes and it starts to rain. You adjust your driving style with confidence knowing you have Approved BMW Wheels & Tires installed on your BMW. You can confidently continue to enjoy your favourite song, or continue laughing along with your passengers. Driving pleasure and safety – for an all-round good feeling. Discover the range of Approved BMW Wheels & Tires available.

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Why choose Approved BMW Wheels and Tires.

Turning rim with fender, BMW M


Close-up shot of star marking, BMW wheel


Rotating BMW rim with BMW logo



BMW Star Approved Tires

You don’t drive just any car, so why choose just any tire? Match your performance demands and safety requirements to tires that are as premium as your BMW. Developed in collaboration with the world’s top tire manufacturers (Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli), BMW Star Approved Tires are optimally tuned for your specific BMW and rigorously tested to meet our stringent standards of quality, handling, ride comfort, and safety.

BMW Wheel with star marking, close-up view
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Tailor made.

BMW Star Approved Tires are individually developed to fit your BMW’s exact chassis components and performance characteristics.
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Each tire has passed stringent testing with up to 50 different quality criteria.
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BMW Tires with the star marking are awarded top safety ratings and feature state-of-the-art Run-flat technology.


BMW Cold Weather Wheels.

You don't sacrifice style for safety in colder weather, so why should your BMW? BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheel Packages are precision-crafted to match your BMW’s exact safety specifications, and available in a wide range of head-turning designs. That way, you can enjoy cold-weather confidence without compromise - all season long. Explore the offerings below.
BMW rim, close-up view
18'' M Performance light alloy wheel Double-spoke style 796 M

Wheel Style 796 M.

18'' M Performance light alloy wheel Double-spoke style 796 M in Matte Black. TPMS Winter Complete Wheel with run-flat mixed tires.
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19" M Performance forged wheels Double-spoke style 786 M

Wheel Style 786 M.

19'' M Performance forged wheel Double-spoke style 786 M in Matte Black with run-flat tire. TPMS Winter Complete Wheel.
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19'' M light alloy wheel Double-spoke style 727 M

Wheel Style 727 M.

High-quality 19'' M light alloy wheel Double-spoke style 727 M in Bicolor Orbit Grey. TPMS Winter Complete Wheel with run-flat mixed tires.
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20'' M light alloy wheel Star-spoke style 748 M

Wheel Style 748 M.

20" M light alloy wheel Star-spoke style 748 M in Matte Black. TPMS Winter Complete Wheel with run-flat tire.
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20" M Performance forged wheels Multi-spoke style 732 M

Wheel Style - 732 M.

20" BMW M Performance Forged Multi-spoke 732 M Wheel in Night Gold. TPMS Summer Complete Wheels with run-flat mixed tires. Pirelli P-Zero r-f MOE 245/35R20 95Y XL Front 275/30R20 97Y XL Rear
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20" BMW M Performance Forged Y-Spoke 795 M Wheel Matte Black

Wheel Style 795 M.

High-quality 20'' M Performance forged wheels Y-spoke style 795 M in Matte Black. TPMS Summer Complete Wheels with run-flat mixed tires. Pirelli P Zero r-f 225/35R20 90Y XL Front 255/30R20 92Y XL Rear
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19" BMW M Performance Forged Y-spoke 763 M

Wheel Style 763 M.

19" BMW M Performance Forged Y-spoke 763 M Wheel in Frozen Gold Matte. Featuring the BMW M logo. Summer Complete Wheels with run-flat tires. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 245/35ZR19 93Y XL 265/35ZR19 98Y XL
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20" BMW M Performance light alloy wheel

Wheel Style 669 M.

20" BMW M Performance light alloy wheels, forged, in bi-colour matte black, milled and gloss-coated on the visible side. Summer Complete Wheels with run-flat mixed tires. Pirelli P-Zero r-f MOE 245/35R20 95Y Front 275/30 R20 97Y Rear
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22'' M Performance light alloy wheel Star-spoke style 749 M

Wheel Style 749 M.

22" BMW M Performance Light Alloy Star Spoke 749 M Wheel in Bicolour. TPMS Summer Complete Wheels with mixed tires. Pirelli P Zero 275/35R22 104Y XL Front 315/30R22 107Y XL Rear
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BMW valve caps from aluminium

BMW Valve Caps.

High-quality valve caps from aluminium for the effective protection of TPMS aluminium valves. With BMW logo.
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Floating Centre Hub Cap

Floating Centre Hub Cap.

The Floating Centre Hub Cap allows the BMW roundel to always sit right side up, when typically the regular centre cap turns with the wheel when the vehicle is in motion. The internal roundel is fitted with a special weight that allows it to always appear upright. This premium accessory is similar to the centre caps used on Rolls Royce vehicles.
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  • Not your Average Wheel & Tire.

    The Benefits of BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheel Packages

    • Aggressive Tread Pattern – to maximize grip and reduce braking distances on wet, snowy, or icy roads. 
    • Unique Rubber Compound – remain flexible below 7oC to maximizes contact with the road surface. 
    • Narrow Grooves – to trap snow in channels and ensure it doesn’t accumulate on the tires surface. 
    • Specially Designed Blocks – sharper edges and closer spacing allow these “cells” to enhance grip on snow and ice. 
    • Deep Sipes – an abundance of these tiny slits enhances traction on slippery surfaces compared to all-season/summer tires. 
    • Light Alloy Wheels – provide high thermal conductivity for optimized brake ventilation and performance. 
    • Specially Engineered & Precision Crafted - to perfectly match your BMW’s exact safety and design specifications.


Infinite possibilities: Explore all the available wheel kits and more to make your BMW one-of-a-kind with the BMW Customization Centre.

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Approved BMW Complete Wheels and Tires.


Approved BMW Complete Wheels and Tires.

When it comes to handling, everyone agrees that the
most important thing is maximum grip. But there is no universal solution. Each vehicle
behaves differently and, therefore, requires a specialized approach. Only BMW
knows the unique driving physics and design language of each BMW model and
adapts its tire development accordingly. What you can do: change your tires
regularly. Your BMW Retailer is always available to answer your questions and offer
advice on suitable solutions tailored to your situation.

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Cold Weather Tires.

Perfect for Canadian winter road conditions. Thanks to their special rubber mixture, winter tires are safer on the road at temperatures below 7°C. They are also equipped with additional rubber patterns that open when the vehicle is in motion. This creates grip edges that help ensure high traction and directional stability on snow, slush and mud. A further safety benefit is the shorter braking distance compared to summer tires, which is up to 10% less in wet conditions and up to 50% less in ice and snow.

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Tire treads summer tires, close-up view

Summer Tires.

The ideal tire for the warm months of the year: summer tires represent the optimum balance of comfort, acoustics and rolling resistance. The special structure of their tread pattern has a rubber compound that does not become too soft even at very high temperatures. With larger tread blocks and less lamella structure, they reliably prevent aquaplaning and offer increased directional stability and steering precision even at high speeds. Not only does this make your ride safer, it also delivers superior comfort and handling even at high speeds. Good to know: when temperatures exceed 7°C, your tires should be changed to summer tires.

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Defining key terms related to Approved BMW Wheels and Tires.

  • Tire components

    Approved BMW Wheels and Tires with Star Marking offer many advantages because they are developed to fit the BMW model in question. Traction, directional stability, steering behaviour, comfort and acoustics are optimally adapted. The tire’s tread ensures good road grip and water displacement, improved high-speed capability and optimized driving stability and rolling resistance. Shaping layers inside the tire keep it stable even under high internal pressure. The side strip protects the tire from lateral damage and provides improved steering and comfort. The steel core supports the firm fit on the rim. All-in-all: the specific tire structure provides a clear advantage in safety and driving dynamics.

  • Tire wall

    The aspect ratio is the ratio of tire height to tire width in % (H/W). It is indicated within the size designation of the tire. Example: a tire with a dimension 175/70 R 13 has a width of 175 mm, the side height is 70% of the width. The date of manufacture is indicated within the DOT marking on the sidewall of a tire. The so-called DOT number indicates, among other things, the age of the tire in encoded form. For example, “2413” means that a tire was manufactured in the 24th week of 2013.

  • RDC sensors

    TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Unlike FTM (Flat Tire Monitor) where only passive warnings are given about the rotational speed of the tires, the system works with active electronic sensors. These sensors are installed in the valve (inside) and are in constant radio contact with the vehicle.

    The TPMS shows the air pressure on the information display and warns if there is a loss of air pressure in the corresponding tire. TPMS has been mandatory in all EU vehicles since 2015. Make sure the TPMS sensors are suitable for your vehicle as they can vary for each model and year of manufacture.

  • All-season tires

    Some drivers might assume that all-weather tires offer the best solution that eliminates the need to change or store tires. However, safety is compromised because the tires are designed for moderate weather conditions without snow, heavy rain or temperatures below freezing. The braking distance is, therefore, always longer compared to certain winter or summer tires. This is why we recommend winter and summer tires with Star Marking. All-season tires are generally used in small sizes and for vehicles with low engine power. They simply do not offer the best driving pleasure that you expect from a BMW.

  • Tire tread depth

    When driving, tire wear occurs automatically, so the tread pattern of the tires should be checked regularly. Winter tires should have at least 4 mm tread and summer tires should have 3 mm tread. Visit your local BMW Retailer to inquire about your current tire tread depth.

  • Run-flat

    You can always rely on run-flat technology. Not because you can continue driving for another 80 kilometres at a speed of 80 km/h after a puncture – it’s just because you can continue to drive. Continuing to drive means safety and comfort. The reinforced sides of run-flat technology tires stabalize your vehicle so you don’t have to stop in unsuitable places to change tires. Instead, simply drive on to your nearest BMW Retailer.

  • Tire types

    For the first time, customers with particularly high requirements on and off the road can purchase a special wheel set from BMW to increase off-road capability. It is equipped with the latest all-terrain Grabber AT3 tire and will be available with the new BMW X5. In addition, it can be used as a regular winter complete wheel, as it carries both the “M+S” and the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” identification. This wheel set is only available through your nearest BMW Retailer.